Celine Dion’s sister: – She has no control over her muscles

Celine Dion’s sister: – She has no control over her muscles

Claudette Dion (74 years old) says that her sister’s health has deteriorated.


Celine Dion (55 years old) suffers from “stiff person syndrome”, and in recent months it was her sister Claudette who conveyed to the outside world what she feels.

Claudette Dion, a singer, now narrates in French 7 days It breaks her heart to see how her more famous sister is struggling.

– She says she has no control over her muscles.

will return

What’s even more difficult, Claudette says, is that Celine Dion has always had a great deal of self-discipline.

-I’ve always worked hard. Our mother told her, “You’ll do well, you’ll do well.”

But she explained that the singer has not lost hope of returning.

It is true that we dream that she will achieve her goal of returning to the stage. But in what way? I don’t know. The vocal cords and heart are muscles too, Claudette says.

Glory Days: Celine Dion in Las Vegas in 2015.

“Stiff person syndrome,” or autoimmune stiffness syndrome as it’s called in Norwegian, is what he says NHI It is characterized by stiffness, spasms, and painful spasms.

Dion was supposed to be on tour these days, but before Christmas last year, she herself sent a disappointing message to fans via a video on Instagram.

“It pains me to tell you today that this means that I will not be able to start my European tour in February,” she said, choking her tears.

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All matches scheduled for 2023 and 2024 have been postponed.

Claudette Dionne says the family is full of love from fans.

-People tell us they love her and are praying for her. And you get a lot of gifts.

Dionne now lives in isolation in Las Vegas, where she receives good follow-up from doctors. Another one of her sisters moved in with her.

French-Canadian Dion is one of 14 siblings.

According to Claudette, the extended family will rent a large cabin and spend Christmas together.


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