Experts disagree about Ødegaard: – We should put this into perspective

Experts disagree about Ødegaard: - We should put this into perspective

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On Sunday, Martin Odegaard presented to Arsenal fans in the Emirates before the team played against Chelsea and lost 0-2.

The hope is that the 22-year-old will help lift Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal into the fight for a place in the Champions League, but Arsenal don’t have a single point yet.

Lukaku shines: – How much better has this team been?

Is Ødegaard the right man for such a task? After all, he came from Real Madrid.

Morten Langley, TV 2 football expert, is among those with a realistic view of Odegaard’s qualities.

– We should put this in perspective. He’s a good player, but is he good enough for Real Madrid? There are very few players. We are talking on a global level. One of the biggest clubs in the world that will win everything every season. Yes, Ødegaard was good at Real Sociedad, but what he achieved for so many years at first-team level, was not good enough. That’s just how brutal this industry is, says Langley.

He believes Ødegaard is right to move away from Madrid, but he is unsure which player version Arsenal will sign now.

At Arsenal last season it shone from time to time, as it was against West Ham where it was excellent, but he played with bad internationals for a long time, Langley points out.

Langley on Odegaard: – What he achieved is not good enough for Real Madrid

But whether the Drammen player will get a permanent place in the team, and can beat players of the same qualities, is not entirely certain.

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There are promising players in Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Roux and Gabriel Martinelli, who are slightly more influential than Lacazette, Pepe and Aubameyang. Arteta must put together the team he thinks is the best. If Ødegaard is included there, I wouldn’t say indirectly, there’s plenty to choose from, Langley points out.

Will it be successful?: Martin Odegaard will not play against Chelsea this weekend.

Will it be successful?: Martin Odegaard will not play against Chelsea this weekend. Photo:

Do you think Odegaard can defeat Smith Roe?

– No, I don’t think so, he says.

In the last three league games last season, Smith Roe and Odegaard started two games together, while 21-year-old Smith Roe was used from the start with Odegaard off the bench in one of them.

In the past two seasons, Arsenal have been ranked eighth and eliminated from European matches. Langley doesn’t think Ødegaard solves that problem and takes them into the top four.

– No, I have no confidence in that. Arsenal are a far cry from those in the top four. Arsenal is a club in danger of standing up. In ten years, we could start talking about Leicester, West Ham, Tottenham and Everton. It’s not impossible to think if they don’t get something in place now. Because they’ve gotten worse with each season since Arsène Wenger resigned, says TV 2 expert.

It’s very difficult to be wise in an Arsenal team. They do not perform, although there are good coaches. Emery benefited from Villarreal much more than he did with Arsenal. I don’t think they will get anywhere with Lacazette, Pepe and Aubameyang. I have more faith in Smith Roe, Saka and Martinelli. There, Arteta might envision Ødegaard in the mix, and try to phase out those who haven’t been able to speed up at Arsenal, he concludes.

Fellow expert Jesper Mathison believes in the little boy.

At Arsenal, he will have time to play, which he was lacking at Real Madrid. Arsenal is a huge club, but thinner as Real Madrid had so much in the middle that it became the fourth/fifth choice. Arsenal get a player with the skills he needs on his team – Ødegaard gets playing time. Then we can hope that Martin Odegaard will also perform better with the national team in the future, Matissen tells TV 2.

Supported by Eric Thorstvedt. The previous last chance at neighboring rivals Tottenham closely follows Arsenal as an expert. He believes first and foremost that a Drammen player needs to increase his self-confidence and become more direct in the game.

– I think that’s good for Martin. It’s good if he gets where he really wants to be. Then it doesn’t have to be on loan year after year, as you see many players. Stability is important to the mindset. Then it will be interesting to see how he integrates into a team over time. Thorstvedt says playing time has a lot to say for player development, and it’s good for the national team to play as much as possible.

The most expensive Norwegian ever
Put pressure on the shoulders of the Norwegian in no way. Regardless, he is by far the most expensive Norwegian player of all time.

Ødegaard costs Arsenal about NOK 400 million. In return, the Norwegian signed a four-year contract, with an option for another season. In other words, a 22-year-old player is considered a good adult if he fulfills the contract.

Fantastic Ødegaard Help

He comes to a club he knows before and to a club he knows. I think that increases his chances of success. The club has seen him play, and they know his skills, so they have another plan for him, Thorstvedt Expectations.

Arsenal legend clock

Martin is exactly the type of player Arsenal should and should buy. If you look back in time, to a player like Dennis Bergkamp, ​​he was the one who didn’t understand what it was (Inter, editor’s note). The same is true of Thierry Henry and Alexis Sanchez. When we bought them, he turned around, and they had their best moments here. These are exactly the players Arsenal should trade.

Arsenal on his neck: Ian Wright thinks Martin Odegaard is a coup for the club.

Arsenal on his neck: Ian Wright thinks Martin Odegaard is a coup for the club. Photo: Andrew Yates

The words belong to Ian Wright (57). Legend is such a worn out concept these days, but most people will nod of appreciation that TV 2 is going to meet a real one this summer day in London.

The former goalscorer is quite clear that Martin Odegaard will be successful at Arsenal.

– If Martin can come in and do the same… If he can make the strikers suddenly score again, and I think with Emile Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka that it can, it’s a bargain at this price, Wright hits a stick for sure.

Few follow Arsenal as closely as the man before whom Henry is mentioned only in the Nobles calendar in the club’s goals count (185).

– It’s great for us that he’s back. He has a good relationship with both his teammates and the manager. Martin still has a lot to prove. Now it is a place he loves. I like him at least! Wearing his signature round glasses, Wright says he can relax and knows he’s betting on him.

A lot of people think he’s a very cautious player. What do you think that?

– I think it’s “cruel”. It was very good when it came here in January. Then came the ankle injury on the national team. After that struggle more. I’ve seen at his best a progressive player who wants to make things happen. When you look at the club that plays football now, they totally miss it. Martin dares to catch the ball if he has to. People should remember that he is still only 22 years old. Then he demands people if they stamp him at such a young age.

Wright attracted attention when he thought the Norwegian was too good for the club when he arrived on loan midway through last season. He still thinks so.

– Yes, for that price it is. Maybe he’s right in and he’s technically the best we have in the squad right away. He enters an unattractive club, his confidence is low, and he does not play European football this season. I’m not saying that to stir up controversy. It is simply better than the ones we have. I think everyone here wants to get up with him. “These are the players we can get now who can raise our level,” Wright says.

Back in London, Ian Wright was seated hoping to find a little boy from Drammen the key to a locker that had not yet been opened properly under Mikel Arteta. Eighth place and lack of e-cup matches are unacceptable to fans of older goalscorers. A group of fans accustomed to trophies and party football under the leadership of the famous Frenchman Arsene Wenger.

Wright clearly sees where Ødegaard will go and strengthen the team.

Our left side is good with Kieran Tierney and Emile Smith Rowe, but we are tired on the right. This is where Martin Odegaard can strengthen us. He can activate this side, and at the same time three balls through the joints. Arsenal does not have that day. And we know he can play with Smith Row as they did last season. They had something going on there. If you make these guys lead Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, that’s a great signing. I’m glad, very happy, says Wright with a smile.

Klopp left with Odegaard after the match

He sees Ødegaard as another type of leader.

– He leads through his creativity. He first appeared when he was 15 years old and has already been through a lot. His potential is incredible. He can still be the outstanding player he thought he was at Real Madrid. At this price, it is very good value for us. It’s just a small deal. He comes with creativity and a security center in the field. He is good at handling the ball, has a good overview, and is a link player. He has all of this. Wright thinks he’s not screaming, but driving the way he plays.

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