Father of the 25-year-old terrorist suspect: – Unexpected

Father of the 25-year-old terrorist suspect: - Unexpected

On Friday, British Conservative politician Davis Ames was stabbed to death after he met voters at a church in the small town of Les-en-Seas.

The murder of the British politician sent shockwaves across Britain, and questions are now being raised about the safety of the island’s politicians.

A 25-year-old British national of Somali descent was arrested shortly after the attack.

The man, named Ali Harbi Ali according to British media, was known to British intelligence.

Lighting: Candles are lit at a church in Southend-on-Sea after the murder of Davis Ames in the city on Friday. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/NTB

– Shocked

The police decided the killing was an act of terrorism. The police anti-terror unit is leading the investigation, and they are investigating whether the motive is linked to Islamic extremism.

According to several British media, among others Sky News And Sunday timesThe 25-year-old is the son of war politician Ali Klan.

Colan confirmed to the Sunday Times that his son was being held and that counter-terrorism police had spoken to him.

– I’m so shocked. “It wasn’t something I expected or something I ever imagined,” Colan told the Sunday Times.

Kulan previously worked as an advisor to the Prime Minister of Somalia, but according to Sky News, he has lived in the UK for the past three years.

He also says this attack has nothing to do with his work with the Somali government, Sky News writes.

In a joint statement issued by several Somali organizations, the Somali community in Britain said it was “deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless violence against an innocent parliamentarian,” NTB wrote, citing AFP.

Memorial Place: Flowers were laid at the places where Ames was killed.

Memorial Place: Flowers were laid at the places where Ames was killed. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/NTB


Sources told the Sunday Times that the 25-year-old is “self-extremist” and acting alone, but may have been inspired by al-Shabab in Somalia.

The man accused of murder and terrorism was posted a few years ago on Prevent, a program for those who may be at risk of radicalization, writes BBC. He is said to have not been involved in the program for a long time, which is a voluntary program, and has not been officially designated by MI5 as a security threat.

The investigation is still in its preliminary stage, but preliminary evidence suggests that the motive behind the attack may be linked to radical Islamism. There are no more suspects in the case.

Security: The safety of British politicians is being questioned after two murders in five years.

Security: The safety of British politicians is being questioned after two murders in five years. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/NTB

It is said that the 25-year-old entered the church, where Ames held a campaign meeting, and then stabbed the politician several times.

The family has been crushed

Davis Ames, 69, is married with four daughters and a son.

In a statement, survivors said the statements of support gave them strength as they tried to come to terms with his “cruel” death.

Strength and courage are an appropriate way to describe David. In a statement published by the London Police, his family wrote that he was a patriot and a peaceful man.

The family wrote in the statement that they were “completely crushed” after the murder, but that all the honor he gave them had helped them in recent days.

We ask people to put aside their differences and show kindness and love to everyone. This is the only way forward – put hate aside and work for unity, the family wrote.

Ames is the second British politician to be murdered in five years. In 2016, Labor politician Jo Cox was murdered.

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