“Feel a lot of anger”: Tour wants to sue professional accident victims

“Feel very angry”
Tour wants to sue for the cause of the professional accident

The organization of the Tour de France withdraws the complaint against the spectator who caused a major fall on the first stage. Mark Soler, a professional cyclist in Spain, wants to sue the woman who “threw away his entire tour” after several bones.

A day after the arrest of the man responsible for the fall on the opening day of the Tour de France, the organizers of the tour of France withdrew the complaint against him. Race director Christian Prudhomme told AFP. “This incident and its aftermath have blown all dimensions,” Prudhomme said: “Now we want to bring some things quiet, especially with the news that fans should be careful on the roadside.”

Deputy Racing Director Pierre-Yves Thouwald told “L’Équipe”: “The focus should be on the drivers, not the spectators.” According to media reports, the observer, aged 30 or 31 and allegedly coming from Fischer in northwestern France, turned himself in to police on Wednesday and was arrested. In the first stage to Landerno, the woman had a card sign in the path of the driving field, after which about 30 drivers fell. Several professional cyclists were injured and some had to be hospitalized.

“I feel so angry”

Authorities are investigating negligent physical harm, as well as imprisonment and fines. He was due to be released later Thursday. He faces a maximum of two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. But for this you have to prove that you endangered the lives of others.

In addition, there may be claims for damages. Spanish movistar professional Mark Soler, who broke weapons, has now announced legal action. “I think I will sue the viewer,” he told the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”. “My whole tour has been thrown away. I feel so angry.”

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