Fellesforbundet announces Tesla boycott – E24

Fellesforbundet announces Tesla boycott – E24

The union will start a boycott campaign against Tesla in Sweden if the labor dispute is not ended by a collective agreement by December 20.


Since October, Fellesforbundet’s sister union, IF Metall, has been on strike at Tesla workshops in Sweden.

The union wants collective agreements for employees, something Tesla has put its foot forward for.

Fellesforbundet is now announcing a boycott targeting the transportation of cars to the Swedish market if the contractual relationship at Tesla AB is not in place by December 20.

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The aim will be to support IF metall’s request for a collective agreement in the Swedish workshops.

– In the Nordic region, there is widespread agreement on the importance of a well-organized working life, says union leader Jørn Eggum in a statement.

Swedish dock workers have already refused to unload Tesla cars. Denmark’s largest trade union 3F Transport announced on Tuesday that it was ready to support IF Metall. 3F Transport will also stop imports to the market in Sweden.

Too early with the details

Eggum says it is too early to say what concrete actions they will take to support the strike in Sweden. Fellesforbundet is Norway’s largest union in the private sector.

– This is a clear signal to Tesla that it cannot transport Swedish Tesla cars through Norway. He added that in this case, he will be responded to with actions, and we will take the necessary measures to make this a success.

He describes Tesla as an anti-union company.

– The right to demand collective agreement is a normal part of our working lives, and we cannot accept that Tesla stands outside of this, says Eggom.

He called the strike insanity

Tesla has not been granted access to license plates due to the ongoing strike.

The company requested under Swedish law to be given the opportunity to receive the license plates from the license plate manufacturer Scandinavian Motorcenter during the period in which the case is being dealt with legally.

Tesla is asking the court to decide on the so-called temporary safety measure and link it to a fine of one million kroner, or the amount that the district court deems reasonable, so that Tesla can pick up the signals itself. This was previously reported by Dagens Industri.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously called the strike crazy On X (formerly Twitter).

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