Fellesforbundet begins a campaign to support striking Tesla employees in Sweden – E24

Fellesforbundet begins a campaign to support striking Tesla employees in Sweden – E24

In Sweden, Tesla mechanics went on strike for more than two months to obtain a collective agreement. Now the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions has started a poster campaign to show support.

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One in five new cars sold in Norway last year was a Tesla. Norwegian car owners are now being asked to contribute to the fight to reach a collective agreement with the car giant Free trade union movement.

The strike in Sweden has also sparked reactions in Norway, where many claim the situation is no better. But Fellesforbundet does not currently have enough members working for Tesla to be able to demand a collective agreement.

However, the union is now launching a poster campaign specifically targeting Norwegian Tesla owners who want to support union organizing. The sticker with the text “I support requesting a collective agreement at Tesla” can now be ordered and placed on the windshield.

Fellesforbundet leader Jörn Igum believes the use of such posters is a symbolic act but has an impact.

– The fact that more people are becoming aware that Tesla is trying to sneak away from the values ​​on which Norway was founded means that we are putting them in public trouble. What you're really doing is making people aware that you're making a choice when you buy a car. He says some may choose not to buy a Tesla, even if they need an electric car.

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Experience from the USA shows that Tesla reacts to such symbolic actions. In 2017, US Tesla workers were threatened with dismissal after they distributed posters and flyers about unionizing in the factory parking lot after work hours.

After four years in the legal system, the trade unions have won, writes FriFagbevegelse.

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