Fiat is maturing with the new 600e

Fiat is maturing with the new 600e

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The Fiat 500e is a widely known case, and now it’s got a big brother in the Fiat 600e. It must be said that the Fiat 600 is not a new phenomenon either, but it is in its electric version – and more recently. Fiat says the new car is similar to the Fiat 500, plus 100 new good reasons to choose the 600.

The car is a compact SUV measuring 4.17 meters long, and is based on the new drivetrain components that the Stellantis Group has just launched.

This means it gets the new electric motor with 156 hp and 260 Nm of torque. It also means the car gets a new 54 kWh battery, which in the Fiat 600e offers a range of just over 40 miles, according to WLTP.

Fiat also takes the opportunity to say that, according to WLTP standards, the car has a range of up to 60 miles in city driving – a benchmark that, it must be said, is not at all interesting, other than as a sort of fun fact.

Similarities: There are a lot of 500's in 600's, while you can see they have grown up.  Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck

Similarities: There are a lot of 500’s in 600’s, while you can see they have grown up. Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck
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When we say that the car is based on new components, the e-CMP platform is the same, but with a slightly more powerful electric motor, and a slightly larger battery capacity than we know before.

As for the car, it shares key components with other Stellantis cars, such as Peugeot E-2008, E-308, Citroen e-C4, Opel Corsa, Astra, Mokka, and others.

Until now, electric models from these brands exclusively had a 150 hp electric motor and a 50 kWh battery, which has now been increased to 156 hp and 54 kWh.

The charging structure in cars is still the same, and you can get cars with an on-board charger (AC charging) that delivers 11 kilowatts, while during fast charging (DC) it reaches a peak power of 100 kilowatts.

Tested: Fiat 500 - electric witch

Tested: Fiat 500 – electric witch


The new 600e is delivered in only two equipment variants, Red or the top model La Prima. This is part of the simplification process. Naturally, the cars differ in standard equipment, but practicalities are identical. Both offer a 360-litre luggage compartment, which increases to just over 1,200 liters with the rear seatbacks folded, which can be split 60/40. In addition, there are storage rooms here and there that together store up to 15 litres.

Like its relatives, the Fiat 600e also doesn’t offer storage space under the hood.

With a wheelbase of 2.56 metres, there is enough room between the axles for interior space. Once you’re settled into one of the front seats, you’ll never feel space-challenged, whether in terms of headroom or leg length.

However, it is somewhat limited in the back seat, which is definitely not for adults if there are mature people in the front seats. But now you also can’t buy a Fiat 600 with the intention of transporting large teenage children, and young children will never complain about space.

The compromise means you get a large trunk in return for a car of this size. It must be said that it is kind of a bonus.

No to grey

It should be seen as a matter of curiosity that Fiat has now decided not to manufacture cars in grey. They were tired of “everyone” driving in gray cars, so they excluded color from the choices.

However, we should not let Fiat claim that it offers only flashy colors, because even if you do not have a pure gray color to choose from, it still offers some soft colors that may remind you of grey, but interspersed with a few drops of blue or Green, so it can’t be said that it’s too far from grey.

Even the red color has been toned down somewhat, closer to dark orange than actual red.

Stops one paint color

Stops one paint color

But by no means can it be said that the Fiat 600e is boring, and that is exactly what it is. Because the car is full of flexible design elements externally and internally.

Just look at the headlights with the distinctive eyebrows, or the Fiat-branded sports seats stitched into the faux leather covering. In our view, exclusivity that also draws on classic elements is what makes the Fiat 600e far from a boring car. There are a lot of boring cars in this car class. Here you get something that hints at classic style, while at the same time offering modernity.

Two Versions: For a simpler process, you will only have two versions to choose from – RED and La Prima.  Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck

Two Versions: For a simpler process, you will only have two versions to choose from – RED and La Prima. Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck
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Well equipped

A car that is on the market now should be able to be sold as new for 6-7 years. This means that the car must have a high level of equipment so that it does not become obsolete tomorrow. Naturally, Fiat would take that into account, and the 600e has everything that should be considered essential for the 2024 model year. That means there’s equipment like a 360-degree camera view, blind-spot warning, adaptive cruise control, and a good user interface on the infotainment system. and other things.

The car also has electrical adjustment for the driver’s seat, offers massage, and you can also open the electrically controlled tailgate.

In addition to a decently large screen in front of the steering wheel, where the speedometer, range gauge, consumption meter and more can be found, you also have a large 10.25-inch screen for the rest of the center console. Below is also a charging pad for one mobile phone. The center console has a large cubby up front, with two cup holders and a smaller storage compartment between the seats.

Out on the road

Once out on the road, we naturally recognize most functions from Peugeot and other relatives. You have three drive programs – ECO, Normal and Sport – to choose from. As with other cars in the Stellantis family, you can opt for ECO in summer, but in winter this results in a significant reduction in the heater, so Normal or Sport will apply.

Also remember that you actually get less energy by choosing the more economical programs. Only in Sport can you reach 156 hp.

And you are in no way lacking the power needed for daily driving. The car is characterized by agility and speed, as well as ease of driving. As for the steering, you have two levels to choose from, as some people want a firmer steering setup, while others want the steering to be light, which can be good for city driving. Freedom of choice is also always good.

Here's the new Peugeot E2008: everything is undoubtedly better

Here’s the new Peugeot E2008: everything is undoubtedly better

In terms of comfort, this is one of the best cars built on this package. We’ve always said, for example, that the Peugeot E-208 is stiffer and sportier, which is partly the same with the Opel Corsa. The Jeep Avenger surprised by having a higher ground clearance and therefore longer suspension travel than others. It was a completely different car to drive, because with the suspension, also comes comfort. In addition, the suspension was additionally checked. This is exactly the case with the Fiat 600 as well. It has higher ground clearance, with longer wheel travel, which in turn leads to greater comfort. Additionally, it is firm enough to the fish when stressed so that it does not become out of control.

Tidy: It's a driving environment that's both elegant and practical, and Fiat has kept the mechanical buttons where they're needed most.  Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck

Tidy: It’s a driving environment that’s both elegant and practical, and Fiat has kept the mechanical buttons where they’re needed most. Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck
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Two, not four

And with front-wheel drive, you also get good control of the front of the car, compared to many other electric cars that tend to understeer. This is because electric cars are very heavy and prefer to go straight forward when pushed. In that sense, the 600 feels well balanced, thanks in large part to its front-wheel drive.

And while we’re at it, the car doesn’t come with all-wheel drive. The platform simply was not prepared for this, so why did Fiat not deny or confirm this during the press conference? We found it a bit strange, but the Italians answer as the Italians want.

Behind the wheel you quickly find yourself at home. All the controls are in familiar places, which is not a given in today’s automotive market. The most important functions are also mechanical, and placed where you would expect to find them. The only thing you have to get used to is the gear selector. Here you can select the gear from the set of buttons located on the front of the center console. You have a button for P, a button for reverse, and a button for neutral and drive, naturally. So the gear lever disappeared and was never on the road again.

Good, but no more: high door frames and limited legroom.  But you get it back in the trunk.  Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck

Good, but no more: high door frames and limited legroom. But you get it back in the trunk. Photo: Fred Magne Skilbeck
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Over the new years

If we were to draw any conclusions, we would have to say that this is a good group of cars. Although the car is not large, it offers plenty of space to accommodate a small item. Two adults probably won’t miss the space at all, and if you have smaller kids, there’s plenty of room for them too. This isn’t a car meant for long, long trips, but it’s still so mature in its demeanor that it’s more than good enough for a long trip every now and then.

When a car also has a design that shows you care about how the car looks, and can bring a smile to the corner of your mouth, it has a small factor compared to a lot of other things on the market. Fiat isn’t quite sure when the first cars will be ready for Norway, but if we say first quarter of 2024, we’re within range.

The Fiat 600e becomes a reality. Here you see the newcomer in a promotional video recently published by Fiat. Video: Fiat/Stellantis
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the price? Well, it’s not ready, but Fiat has set prices at under €30,000 in Germany and France. Then we can hope that the starting price of the RED will also come in at under NOK 300,000 in Norway, and then we’ll probably have to rely on the top model La Prima which ends up being just over NOK 300,000, but that’s pure guesswork.

The final conclusion has to be that competition is what determines the success of the Fiat 600e. Because if the price competition continues, you never know who will win, as wallet is an important factor in people choosing a car. At least the Fiat 600e isn’t the boring choice, if you end up there. Good Choice!

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