Film review: “The unbearable weight of huge talents”

Film review: “The unbearable weight of huge talents”

Action / Comedy


Tom Gormican


Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, Neil Patrick Harris, Lily Sheen

Release date:

April 29, 2022

age limit:

12 years

«Nicholas “motherf*cking” Cage is back!»

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Then we have actors like Nicolas Cage. The man who persevered after iconic action movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Face/Off and The Rock, but ended up in the past 10 years in lame B movies.

How then can one revive an acting career to cement one’s place in the star-studded sky of Hollywood?

The solution might lie in making a movie about himself.


In “The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talent,” Nicolas Cage is actor Nicolas Cage, a brand who refuses to believe it’s too late. He has no doubts that he still has talent, but the directors do not want it. He has several million in debt, and his relationship with his teenage daughter Addie (Lily Sheen) is on the brink of collapse. Agent Richard (Neil Patrick Harris) makes him a lucrative offer to attend a wealthy man’s birthday in Mallorca. Getting paid to be a “birthday clown” is as low as it can fall on Nick “Mother fucking Cage”. But he has no choice, and decides to stop acting after the party.

On the other hand, Rich Jaffe (Pedro Pascal) does not want Cage to put his career on the shelf. As a fan of all Cage fans, he’ll inject the joy of acting once again into the fading movie star. Movie nights, improvisations where Cage introduces one Cages special clip, and script development develop into a nascent friendship until you feel like calling your best friend to ask to hang out.

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But when CIA agents tell Cage that Javi is actually an arms dealer who kidnapped the daughter of the president of Catalonia, he must become the action hero everyone knows.

and metafest

In this adorable meta action comedy movie, we see both known and unknown sides of the actor who captured the generation growing up in the ’90s. Like films like “Birdman” and “Being John Malkovich”, where the main character somehow plays his role as an actor, the real Cage also likes to allow himself to meet at the door. With an inner eccentric ego called Nicky Cage (perhaps more akin to some imagine Nicolas Cage), one witnesses the comic fire that may have kept Cage’s career at bay. As for the movie references abound, both visually when you see clips from Cage’s own films, and when he uses his record as an actor you get to know him.

But Cage has starred in more than 100 films (!), and especially in the second and third seasons, it was conceivable that he could play more on the cruelty of his earlier films. It will add more of the “wow” factor to the story, but there are still plenty of comedic elements to make this movie enjoy. As for the game, there is no telling, and the harmony with Pascal keeps the humor of the action comedy intact.

The film also presents an accurate picture of an acting career that is not taken as seriously as the other eight to four jobs. Cage is clearly passionate about his job, but he also acknowledges that every job has an end.

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But it is doubtful whether this will be the case after this film. Because as Cage says at the end: “I never left.”

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