“All roads lead to Rome!” – Or the black hammer?

"All roads lead to Rome!"  - Or the black hammer?

The gut feeling I got when the Ustmark project “blew up” sounds so good!

From Langlidalsheian at Geitfjellet wind farm. This is not what we want on the embassy!
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ST 17 February: Industrial Adventure in Ustmarka – Several thousand jobs!

April 19th Street: CO2 must be sucked out of the air!

23rd April Street: Mayor Bang: “I think we need to reconsider this” – a call to expand the embassy?

· ST April 26: Leader: “The calculation does not work!”

As a gentle strait, but now also, I’m scared! How much nature are we willing to sacrifice?

In 2019, the Snillfjord Municipal Council looked into the development of Svarthammaren, and the result was resounding! The mood has completely changed since the first round in 2013. Geitfjellet was under construction, and we saw the massive encroachments into nature that led to it. We have gained increasing knowledge about the importance of nature conservation and biodiversity, and we have learned that we are not saving the climate by sacrificing nature!

“We have to look at things again” – says the mayor.


Perhaps the most important topic of the year at Orkland: – I think we should reconsider this topic

Should the ancient Snelfjord be sacrificed on the altar of the wind power barons? Here it is not a matter of perfection of the edges, here the power of money rules. Although consultants (Lånke and Slettemoen) maintain that industrial projects do not require the development of more wind energy, I have a little confidence in that. And then they are lured by crumbs to the landowners and the municipality.

Here’s to you, Orkland mayor politicians: Isn’t one wind farm enough in this part of Orkland, or is the embassy’s Marin too far from the city center to matter? For those of us who live and thrive in this part of Auckland, also called ‘Norway in Miniature’, this is important!


‘Sci-fi facilities’ could create new jobs – they’ll suck carbon dioxide out of the air

To say a little bit about what’s going on:

Most people have not avoided seeing Geitfjellet’s gigantic 155-meter-tall wind turbine. Norsk Vind (with Arne Fredrik Lånke who is also the man behind the Ustmarka), wants to build 35 wind turbines in Svarthammaren. But Svarthammaren is not quite right, because they want to expand the area so that large parts of Krokstadfjellet (the local name) become a giant industrial area. And these wind turbines can reach a height of 210 meters, 55 meters higher than the turbines at Geitfjellet.

While Njordr AS (with Tore Ivar Slåttemoen, owner of Removr who wants to build a CO2 capture plant), wants to build 45 wind turbines up to 225m in height, 70m higher than the turbines at Geitfjellet!


It proposes several thousand jobs – this could be part of the green investment

Before the establishment of Orkland, trips to the various parts of the large municipality were arranged. Here we all got to view an area in the Old Town that we were proud of which was widely used as an outdoor area. We were both in Hestgrovheia, Omnfjellet, Resfjellet and Krokstadfjellet. Krokstadfjellet was the natural area that the residents of the Snillfjord wanted to show off, because it is a unique area with no interventions other than two power lines, an additional building was built when Hitra2 (wind power) was built.

If Svarthammaren is expanded, this unique region will be destroyed for posterity. In addition to the 35-45 monster turbine, about 40 km of roads and another new power line must be built. What right should our next generation have of opportunity for these natural experiences to which we had free access?

And now I have not mentioned all the other consequences for the plants, animals and people who live here.

Wind energy companies mostly use impact assessments from 2009-2010 in their applications.

Much has happened since then, for example the importance of swamps as carbon stocks. And since the turbines have grown from 125 meters to 225 meters, there are requirements for lighting. This was not mentioned in the impact evaluations. Those of us who see the turbines on Geitfjellet experience this flash, roughly speaking. 50 Shimmer PR. me around the clock. This will be the new reality if Svarthammaren and Remmafjellet are also expanded. Experience the beautiful starry sky completely disappear!

Is that fair for those of us who live in this part of Orkland? Would the others of you be willing to sacrifice Hestgrovheia, Omnfjellet or Resfjellet?

We are 1/3 of the old Snillfjord which was added to Orkland Municipality. We believed this, this would be good! Now I’m getting suspicious! What are the remaining attributes? Nature is degraded, and the turbines of flashing and noisy monsters can take health and well-being from us. Sure, the property tax on the industrial municipality of Okland will be lower, but is that what we want? Do we sit here behind our barricade and see the municipality sweep away our victims, when we have to pay an extra tax of NOK 134 every time we go to our municipality center?

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