Filmed this over Sirdal’s power plant – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Filmed this over Sirdal’s power plant – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– It was a bit disgusting, says the person with the film, who does not want to be named.

The photographer and a colleague have made several observations about what they believe to be a drone since last summer.

All observations are made at night.

– If it was a plane we would have heard a sound, but we could not hear anything. The woman, who often works at night, explains that he fell low over the power plant and stayed on the same track for several nights.

Observations were also made in several places in the village.

won’t hang up

NRK was in contact with both the armed forces and the police on Wednesday.

The defense refers to the police. Police did not have an opportunity to comment on the video or the notes on Wednesday. They began the investigation after observations of what could be the drones in Syrdal.

From what NRK understands, the video clip from Sirdal has been sent to the police and is part of the investigation.

Recently, we have received several reports of drone observations of what is described as critical infrastructure. We don’t want to say when or where,” said Division Commander in the North Sea and Division Environment in the Southwest Police District, Amund Brady Refheim.

We also don’t want to go into detail about what the notes are, he said.

People are calling the mayor about notes

In September, it became known that unidentified drones were spotted near network facilities, power plants and outdoor cables.

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In addition, several observations have been made Drones at various oil and gas facilities in the North Sea.

The video in this article is from one of the facilities of the Sira-Kvina Energy Company in Tonstad in Syrdal. The power plant is one of the largest in the country.

The mayor has been contacted by several residents about sightings they believe may be drones.

My impression is that people are not afraid, but uncomfortable. Mayor Jonny Leland in Syrdal says people are calling me to pass it on so it can be followed up.

Requests information from the governing authorities

Leland expects the authorities and police to do their best to find out if a drone is circling the village’s power stations.

I expect them to take it seriously so that the residents feel safe. At the same time, we must take care of the power plants and the energy production will be taken care of, he says.

Earlier this week it was known that the National Guard He will help the police guard the many oil and gas installations along the coast.

Sirdal is among the largest energy municipalities in the country with large energy production.

We have a lot of energy and Agder is a great producer of renewable energy. That must mean the police are there. I don’t know if it’s about guarding. But we expect information to come from central governing authorities about what is being done, says Leland.

There may be no bad intentions

Associate Professor Lars Peder Haga at the Norwegian Military Academy watched the video that NRK was able to access.

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It is not very likely that there will still be a person with ill intentions. They were planning in advance what they would discover. They do an observation and nothing more. Haga says they don’t attract unwanted attention.

– It’s more likely that there might be someone who thinks it’s fun to photograph or fly a drone. But it could also be something else entirely. It’s totally impossible to tell from this video. He says he is not telling me anything.

He points out that noticing something “weird” often brings with it a number of tips.

– All experiences from big exercises, when someone sees something they think are drones, then reports flow in about notes that turn into planes, moving masts, and even balloons. At the same time, it shouldn’t be the case that people who see something unusual find it easy to report, he says.

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