‘Scrubs’ producer accused of sexual assault – VG

'Scrubs' producer accused of sexual assault - VG
Target: Hollywood producer Eric Weinberg.

Eric Weinberg, 62, allegedly tricked women into participating in filming assignments. Now Los Angeles County has filed charges against the manufacturer.

Weinberg is accused of committing aggravated sexual assaults against five women in Los Angeles, but the sheriff’s office believes there may be more victims. Writes AP.

Weinberg was arrested Tuesday, a week after he was accused of 18 serious sexual assaults, including rape. However, he has paid bail of five million dollars and is due to appear in court on October 25.

According to Attorney General George Gascon, the abuse occurred between 2014 and 2019, but investigators believe there may be more victims.

Gascon urged other potential victims to come forward.

The accused used his Hollywood standing to lure women to take pictures, where he was said to have assaulted them. Power and influence can be so devastating to one person that they destroy the lives of others, often resulting in lifelong trauma to the victims.

Press conference held: Los Angeles Attorney General George Gascon at a press conference in Los Angeles.

LAPD’s Ryan Lamar says investigators are now reviewing advice about other potential abuses by Weinberg.

The Hollywood producer has been investigated several times in the past, but the attorney general’s office has not had enough evidence in the past to charge him.

A woman said she met Weinberg at a North Hollywood coffee shop in 2014 when she was 22. He convinced her to go home with him and stripped her of her underwear for a photo shoot.

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Weinberg allegedly grabbed her, forced her to perform oral sex, and strangled her before raping her.

Weinberg is the executive producer of 100 episodes of the popular sitcom “Scrubs” and has also written a script for several episodes. He was also a producer and screenwriter for popular films such as “Anger Management” and “Men at Work”.

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