Finally, passwords will soon be gone in the Apple world

Finally, passwords will soon be gone in the Apple world

Starting with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, everyone with an Apple ID automatically receives a passkey to quickly sign in to Apple’s online services.

This fall, it will also be easier with an Apple account

Randomly generated keys are checked by eye, finger, or PIN codes (in the Apple world, TouchID and FaceID are supported) so that passwords are avoided. Google is already in full swing (which is a huge plus as many services support Google Sign in), and starting this fall (maybe September) it’s finally Apple’s turn.

You can use a passkey on your iPhone to sign in to an account on non-Apple devices.


The update will allow the user to sign in to any Apple website online with the key specified for their Apple ID. It can also be used with the online “Sign in with Apple,” Apple reports in the press release.

Anyone can try now if they want

Now that you don’t need a developer account to test beta versions, those who are already testing new versions can try passkeys on and

Apple has supported passkeys since iOS 16, but Apple’s websites and the fact that all users are automatically set are now not allowed. This is how the company explains the technology:

A passkey is an encryption device that is invisible to you and is used in place of a password. A passport key consists of a file key pair, which, compared to the password, greatly improves security. One public key that is registered to the website or application you are using. The second key is private and only your devices hold it. Using strong, industry-standard encryption techniques, this key pair ensures a strong, private relationship between your devices and the website or app.”

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