Finland: Two companies exported 3,500 drones to Russia

Finland: Two companies exported 3,500 drones to Russia

Two Finnish companies are at the center of the investigation, accused of exporting 3,500 drones to Russia. This is despite the imposition of sanctions.

The total value of the drones is more than two million euros, in addition to being investigated for the export of electronics such as microcontrollers and semiconductor components with a total value of more than 600 thousand euros.

He writes Helsinki Times.

It claims that Russia is behind this

The Finnish Customs Service is conducting preliminary investigations, and claims that there are many indications that Russia is behind it.

Based on preliminary investigations, there are indications that the operation was launched from Russia. A wide network of international companies was created in connection with the operation to enable financing of the operation from Russia, for example, says Hannu Sinkkonen of the Finnish Customs Service.

Sinkkonen told Finnish news agency STT on Tuesday that the case concerns classified information and did not specify what type of drone was believed to have landed in Russia. The Customs Service also could not say anything about whether drones were used in the aggressive war in Ukraine.

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One person in custody

The European Union has imposed a number of sanctions, including export restrictions, on Russia over Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

Six people are suspected of committing organizational crimes and export crimes of defense materials in the case so far.

One of them has been in detention since September. The case will be handed over to the public prosecutor to consider charges in the near future.

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