First, the prime minister wanted to send immigrants to Rwanda. Now he wants to give them a one-way ticket to a volcanic island.

First, the prime minister wanted to send immigrants to Rwanda.  Now he wants to give them a one-way ticket to a volcanic island.

Lots of turtles. There is no hospital. This is where Britain will send immigrants.

Rishi Sunak ran for election on a promise to ‘stop the boats’.

So far this year, 13,000 people have crossed the English Channel in small boats.

In total, more than 45,700 migrants came by boat to the UK last year. This is exactly what Rishi Sunak wanted to stop.

Stop the Boats was an important part of the campaign when he was elected Prime Minister in 2022.

The new prime minister’s solution to the influx of migrants was to send them to Rwanda. But now he won’t be allowed to. That’s why he devised Plan B.

This is where the British government will send immigrants. This image shows the lava fields on Ascension Island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sending refugees to Rwanda is illegal

UK government plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda It is approved for the first time. But this summer an appeals court ruled it illegal.

Three judges in London have concluded that Rwanda is not a safe country for asylum seekers. She wrote that the British government is appealing the verdict further Watchman.

Meanwhile, Parliament is discussing the possibility of sending immigrants to Ascension. A British volcanic island 14 kilometers long in the Atlantic Ocean, more than 6,400 kilometers from the English coast.

About 800 people lived here before. There are few shops, lots of turtles, and no hospital on the island.

Sankt Helena is one of the few neighbours. Almost 1300 km. Here Napoleon was deported and remained until his death in 1821.

Rwanda remains Britain’s first priority. This was confirmed by Sunak’s colleague in the party, Sarah Daines, according to her Watchman.

– But like any responsible country, we must have several options, she said Monday.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also considered a plan to send migrants to Ascension. But it was rejected in 2020.

When asked about this, Daines replies that “times are changing”.

We’re looking at all possibilities. So she.

You will do “whatever it takes” to protect the border

Last year, when it was considered legal in the UK to send migrants to Rwanda, problems arose with that.

Because at that time it was a European court that stopped the planes before departure.

One ruling party minister saw this as Europe’s punishment for “Brexit”.

Now an amazing idea has been broadcast. Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick told the BBC it might be appropriate for Britain to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.

In 2022 there will be 60 per cent more boat migrants arriving in the UK than in the previous year. This image is from the English Channel.

We will do anything to protect our borders. So It’s for Radio Times.

The statement was met with criticism. Among others are Lubna Shuja, President of the British Law Society.

Shuja believes that leaving the European Court of Human Rights would make Britain look more like Russia and Belarus than the rest of Europe.

– It’s like using a hammer to crack a nut, you say Clear.

Bad ideas workshop

Human rights organizations have criticized both the plan to send asylum seekers to the island and the abandonment of the Human Rights Convention.

The proposal joins a number of miserable ideas, says Helen Ring, political advisor at the NRC.

Discussions about immigrants have become a workshop for bad ideas. Instead, one should focus on why people flee and contribute to solving the causes, she tells Aftenposten.

Helen Ring, political advisor at the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Ryeng thinks it is disturbing that politicians in a superpower like Great Britain want to leave the EMR.

Human rights are under severe pressure. Seeking asylum is a fundamental right. We need and expect countries to rally around this.

Nor does she believe that sending refugees away will stem the flow of refugees.

The people who come in small boats are desperate. They come from countries of hunger and poverty. What do we expect them to do?

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