Fishermen smile at extreme weather “Kaida” –

Fishermen smile at extreme weather "Kaida" -

Herring, kata and mackerel have been replaced with maintenance, coffee and biscuits. For the crew of the fishing boat M / S Tunfisk, extreme weather has halted their planned return voyage.

On Wednesday, Svein Kristian Sjo and the rest of the group arrived in Kristiansund. High waves and strong winds could not complete the journey to Halsnoy’s home in the municipality of Quinnherod. Without the film crew taking it too seriously. They had come out one winter night before.

Extreme weather?

– We’re fine. “It’s very common for us to wait for the weather,” says Martin Bijornevich, a fisherman and engineer.

– It blows ash and wind. Now we are inside the harbor in Christianchund, but it is tearing up the boat. Now there are a lot of boats here, he continues.

With: Extreme weather is expected along the coast of Norway. Rescue company shared a video to show the conditions for the lifeboat on Svolvær.
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M / S Tunfisk is located in a cave in Kristiansund waiting for better weather. They have spent the past few days at sea in northern Norway, where the focus has been on herring fishing. Now they need to have time to get on the boat before they go home.

– We all sat on the boat. Eat biscuits, play cards and drink coffee, says Bjournevic.

– How do you experience extreme weather conditions where you are now?

– The threshold for extreme weather is probably not too high. It has been thrown before.

Dirty Fishing: M / s Tuna Movie Summer 2021.  Image: MS Tuna

Dirty Fishing: M / s Tuna Movie Summer 2021. Image: MS Tuna
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Swam out of the car

Although the crew at MS Tunfisk did not take the weather so seriously, it has caused problems for more and more people across the country.

Thursday morning Both had problems In Klettkrysset outside Trondheim. Postman Paul Maystot was standing in the driveway.

– I wondered if the mail should come at any cost. Then suddenly I saw two people waving at me, he tells Dockbladet.

According to Maystot, the two were “icy, wet and desperate” and could tell they had to get out of the car and swim to shore. Shortly after he arrived at the scene, a taxi arrived, which could take them to the nearest gas station.

Another witness who met the two at the petrol station said the same thing.

– I don’t know how they are. They were shocked, but Maystot says they may be in good shape.

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