Flat Katrina: – She admits: – She cries every time

Flat Katrina: - She admits: - She cries every time

Katharina Flatland followed in her TV father’s footsteps Already at the age of 32, she directed a number of major TV shows. Among others, “Search for Love”, “Idol” and “Daylight Saving Time”.

But that’s not the only career path Flatland has chosen to go down. She has been working for several years to train to become a doctor.

In a new Instagram post, the now-TV profile says she’s nearing the end of her education – which she’s already been doing for twelve years.

In addition to his career and TV studies, Flatland also owns the “Open Journal” podcast. Harald Milling Doplogues Spouses (32). There now opens more information about your study incentive and your internship.

– Cry every time

– I started practicing this month. I practice obstetrics and gynecology at Rickshospitalite, and it has been so amazing, says Katharina Flatland to her husband, on the couple’s latest audio episode.

Dr.: Katharina Flatland will soon finish her medical studies.  Here she and her husband, physician Harald Melling Doplog, are.  Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear.

Dr.: Katharina Flatland will soon finish her medical studies. Here she and her husband, physician Harald Melling Doplog, are. Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear.
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On top of that, Flatland says she’s been there a week ago, and that she’ll be there for another three weeks. At the same time, the medical student stated that she now feels she has found the specialty she can imagine working with.

– Because women and children are very sexy. They can have most diseases. At the same time that she gets the surgical cut when children are operated on — through a C-section — or via delivery, Flatland explains why she thinks this is the right specialty for her.

Effects: Katharina Flatland is a presenter, podcaster, and doctor, but she has left blogging on the shelf. Reporter: Ankun Aronsen. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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Meanwhile, Flatland reveals that she has been involved in several births in the past week, which she enjoys.

– And what to do? I cry every time a baby comes. It’s so beautiful, the first scream that comes, and then the slightly frightening silence as the baby came out before he started crying. Then it gets very emotional, frank Katharina Flatland tells listeners.

When Dagbladet contacted Katarina Flatland, it didn’t take long before she confirmed that tears were rolling down the booth and that the weather was at the practice she now has — and that something had changed since she became a mother.

I was affected by baby boomers before I became a mother, but now I’m in a different role. Now I cry over every baby that comes and I can’t control it, to be completely honest.

Honestly: Katharina Flatland and Harald Doblog share clips from the delivery room on the latest episode of the podcast Open Journal. Video: The red carpet
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way forward

– Twelve years later I’m done right away, how do you feel?

“The feeling can hardly be described, but I have entered the past six months with a mixture of horror and joy, because there is a great deal of work left,” the medical student told Dagbladet.

She’s really looking forward to finishing after all these years, and she remembers why she took so much time: She got so many vacations and breaks to do other things.

Katharina Flatland hasn’t made a plan going forward, but she is sure of one thing:

– In the first place I will celebrate my end, she says and continues:

– According to the plan, now I will not take turns at first, but will try to combine the life of a doctor and hope to make a TV for a doctor.

Flatland threatens that there is something to play there, and remember that in these times one is more concerned with health and the body than ever before. And she thinks what will be required is to do it in an entertaining way.

What Katharina Flatland will do in the long run with her medical education, she is still not entirely sure – time will tell.

TV moments: Of all the things Katarina Flatland has done on TV, there’s one moment in particular that you’ll never forget: when she interviewed Aune Sand on the TV show “Waschera.”
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Cheers in the comments area

– You get a lot of compliments and cheers in the comments section below your post – what do you think about that?

– I think he’s adorably cute, and then I think I need him a little bit now. Because I think it requires a combination of work, study and children. It’s a study where people are pretty good, so I know I don’t quite stretch, says Flatland before quickly adding:

– It means a lot, but the height of the fall will also be very large as well.

She explains that she sometimes thought it might have been better not to tell “the whole world” that it would be over soon.

The Celebration: Katharina Flatland hopes her husband's ready with a bottle of champagne when she's done.  Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear.

The Celebration: Katharina Flatland hopes her husband’s ready with a bottle of champagne when she’s done. Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear.
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This is how the celebration will be

Katharina Flatland herself has made it clear that she will celebrate appropriately first and foremost when she’s finished, but how exactly that will be, she doesn’t know yet.

At the same time, the TV profile could reveal that she thought about the case.

– I do a little bit like top athletes. I imagine while reading, as a kind of stimulus, you say and explain in detail:

– The top athletes may imagine the race and they are standing there on the podium, so now I see in my mind that I have an oral exam at the Reichspetalt, and when I get out of there the whole family is ready with champagne and all. That vision there, is what creates the motivation for me now.

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