Flattery stops Salah – Lookman underestimates Liverpool – VG

Flattery stops Salah - Lookman underestimates Liverpool - VG

(Leicester – Liverpool 1-0) Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was in the impossible corner and stopped the penalty kick for Mohamed Salah. Ademola Lookman came straight from the bench and won the match for the home team in the 59th minute.


Thus, J├╝rgen Klopp’s men lost ground in the gold match. The distance from the league table from Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City to Liverpool is now six points.

– There is a big gap, Klopp stated in an interview shown on TV 2 after the match.

Leicester played a game two days ago. they deserve it. clearly. We started well, but then we lost the rhythm completely. It was a beautiful fight. We weren’t good enough. We created enough chances. But what we did with the ball wasn’t good enough. The Liverpool boss adds: “We played a really bad game.

After 16 minutes, the almost never happened at King Power Stadium in Leicester. And Wilfried Ndidi, the owner of the land (25), presented the wonderful Liverpool scorer, Mohamed Salah (29). He didn’t have to, but it was as if he thought there was no way out.

However, it was not at all that Salah was illegally stopped by a nervous opponent. What is remarkable is Salah’s subsequent performance. After 15 consecutive penalty kick goals in the league, he somewhat shifted the shot from the 11-meter mark to the left – at the height of the so-called goalkeeper height.

Lack of friendship with the ball: Mohamed Salah kissed the ball before putting it in the penalty area.

Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel took advantage of Salah’s reckless kick and saved it well. But he had to give in return, which Salah should “only” put him in an almost empty goal. He was resting the ball with his head on the crossbar.

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Salah’s first penalty miss in the league since October 2017. Four years and just over two months…

In an interview with Amazon Prime, Schmeichel was asked after the match if he had studied penalty stats for Mohamed Salah.

– Never. I had a feeling and went for it, says the Dane, meanwhile praising his teammates for the way they win with tired legs and heads.

It’s a very bad punishment,” said TV 2 expert commentator Erik Huseklepp when the licensee repeatedly showed him during the break.

The right way: Kasper Schmeichel throws himself the way the ball goes from Mohamed Saleh’s penalty kick in the 16th minute.

Then the score was still 0-0, first and foremost because Kasper Schmeichel – as Huseklepp saw it – was at least keeping up with one “crazy” save. Because Leicester’s Jamie Vardy (34) was unable to take advantage of two good scoring opportunities, the uneasy James Madison (25) was slightly behind – suddenly losing his shooting balance – when he should have scored the first goal of the match in the 38th minute.

The former 37-year-old Houseklip, a former Brann and ex-Portsmouth, noted that Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers had been betting on a crazy formation, giving Liverpool plenty of room on the edges.

jinx! Or word trolls with the opposite sign – when the home team really took the lead 14 minutes into the second half. To watch: Kiernan Dewsbury Hall (23) and Ademola Lookman (24) clicked over the left wing of midfield, and then Lookman from the bench sounded a final kick – after he was as good as Salah to go free. from a babysitter.

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Match winner: Ademola Lookman came straight off the bench and scored the only goal of the match – after a powerful and effective foreplay by Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (left).

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker had no chance when the ball hit the net to his right.

Who would have thought that?

After a series of substitutions, Jamie Vardy fell sharply for his count in the middle circle in the 72nd minute, after a crash with Liverpool’s Joel Matip. Sheer accident, but perhaps fateful for the home team – who had no alternatives to take off? However, Vardy turned around in the door and immediately returned to the field.

There is, for obvious reasons, the Liverpool ruling. Salah was dodged by four men, and Van Dijk was close to outsmarting Kasper Schmeichel – but Schmeichel saved the ball and saved it. Alison Becker ran across the field to make a corner. It’s no exaggeration to say that Leicester has given up the dread as time on overtime. But she withstood – to three points.

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