Flight Cancelled: – Hopeless

Flight Cancelled: – Hopeless

Christmas travel this year has been characterized by air travel delays.

Trygve Nielsen and her boyfriend, Jonathan Cuttack Nielsen, who works at Dockbladet, left before the flight to Floro, which was originally scheduled to depart Oslo Airport at 20.15.

– We knew it was late before we left, but we wanted to be there anyway in case it was pushed forward again, Nilsson tells Talkbladet.

After several hours at Gardermon, word came that the flight would not take off. The couple were issued new tickets on December 26 – two days after Christmas Eve.

– How does it feel?

– It's a stressful feeling. There are very few options. We checked the buses that were not running and no other flights were running. Everything is full. It feels hopeless, says Nilsson.

Queues: Many had to wait for their scheduled flights on Friday. Photo: Jonathan Cuttock Nielsen / Dogbladet
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Long queues at the SAS counter

Television 2 Long queues were reported earlier on Friday evening at SAS's service desk at the airport, where, as a result of the arrival, folding chairs were set up for those waiting.

– There are some delays this evening, but no chaos, Cathrine Fuglesang Framholt, communications manager for Oslo and Bergen airports, told Dagbladet.

He said the delays were due to the after-effects of Cyclone “Pia” in addition to today's weather.

– All airports are affected, said Fromholt.

At the same time, he said, Oslo Airport is well staffed and thus they do not face any operational challenges.

Get a car loan

A canceled flight to Florø will have to go with Dat, an airline that does not have its own service desk at the airport.

– So we have no one to ask questions. We got an email to respond to requesting a refund – that's all, says Nielsen.

Around 10 p.m., the couple says they were trying to find their luggage while they worked to find a solution.

– I hope to return home somehow, says Nilsen.

After a while, an update arrives: the couple was approved for a car loan.

– This is the last and only possibility. Then the drive over the mountain will be more than eight hours, and we're crossing our fingers that the roads won't be closed, Nielsen writes.

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