Food prices – a huge jump

Food prices – a huge jump

A penny here and a penny there. There have been several promotions and price cuts in the wake of the February 1st price increase, and the discount chain Kiwi has made good on its promise of price fixing on more than 240 items until May 1, 2023.

It’s clear then that something has to get more expensive, and one of the commodities that made a sudden jump was First Price’s cherry tomatoes.

– A First Price tomato in Kiwi cost NOK 14.90 a short time ago, as it has been for a long time. But the last time I was going to buy it, the price went up by NOK 10 to NOK 24.90. It’s not quite a cheap “first price” for 250 grams of tomatoes. I don’t think so either Because of the war in Ukraine or because of electricity prices, which are, after all, lower than they were before the New Year, Jan Buller wrote on Facebook.

This is correct. Weather conditions in southern Europe and North Africa led to a shortage of raw materials and a sharp increase in the prices of some commodities in Norwegian stores, such as peppers and tomatoes.

And the buying and pricing of fruit and vegetables is slightly different than most other product groups, says Nora Mael-Helgesen, communications consultant at Kiwi.

– In the fruit and vegetable product group, we get new purchase prices every week, and therefore these products can fluctuate in price somewhat more than other product groups, depending on the supply and demand in the global market. Plus, prices are affected by season, weather, and crops, Helgesen tells DinSide.

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– private

Jan Bøhler told DinSide that the post, which was made on his personal and official Facebook page, was a spontaneous reaction to the fact that Kiwi had such a large price increase, when they promised a price freeze at the same time.

“I appreciated the Kiwi, because it has been at the forefront of pushing prices, so I wonder more when I see such a sharp price increase,” says Bowler.

– These tomatoes have had a stable low price for a long time, I have been buying these tomatoes for many years.

STUSSER: – A simple type that buys simple food like First Price tomatoes, says Jan Bøhler. Then perhaps it is not surprising that he reacts when the price goes up by about 50 percent. Photo: Jan Buller
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to sign up. Last time DinSide checked the price of cherry tomatoes, the cheapest is 16.90 for a 250-gram serving at all grocery stores.

This means that the price has gone up by NOK 8, or nearly 50 percent.

On Tuesday afternoon, the price was 19.90 on the Extra and Rema 1000, so it’s reasonable to think it won’t be long before Kiwi adjusts the price down in line with its competitors, though the chain isn’t authorized to comment on future price adjustments in particular.

– Kiwi follows the market at all times, and we must always be the cheapest, says Helgesen.

Nor is it the only item in Bøhler’s cart that has increased in price.

Take, for example, plums for dessert. Its cost was NOK 18-19, but once in the fall it went up to NOK 28-30 per pack.

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