Food prices – lower prices

Food prices – lower prices

In August, discount chains slashed fish prices, and this week, meat prices.

Rema 1000 was the first to report the price reduction of 42 meat products. Shortly after Rima announced the price cut, Extra followed suit.

– We have to be the cheapest and follow the price naturally, says Harvard Jensen, director of the Extra chain The newspaper onlinewho mentioned this issue for the first time.

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On the other hand, Kiwi claims that it was just as fast as Rema and that prices were updated before stores opened before the weekend.

“These price changes are something that has been announced in advance, and therefore not something we’d get a lot of profit from,” Nora Mael Helgesen, Kiwi’s director of communications and sustainability coordinator, tells DinSide.

The whole argument about fish price cuts

The whole argument about fish price cuts

Customers get the discount

Line Aarnes, Category and Purchasing Manager for Rema 1000, explains that they cut prices directly to customers when costs from their suppliers come down.

By leaving the price window, as we did in June, we ensure that the discount benefits the customer more quickly, Henn says.

– Why did you choose to reduce the price of meat?

– This week we received notice from our suppliers that prices for our large and important meat products will be reduced from September 1st. Therefore, today, prices have been reduced on more than 40 items within the category of fresh meat and cold cuts.

- The price will be shocking!

– The price will be shocking!

He will not reveal everything

While Rema 1000 has announced price cuts on 42 meat products, Kiwi says it is cutting price on 50 products, but it doesn’t want to sell all of the products. Instead, they sent DinSide a list of 9 items that would be among the most popular meat products to receive new prices.

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For competitive reasons, we don’t want to list all the products, Helgesen in Kiwi tells DinSide.

She explains that the background to the price drop is that the market regulator lowered the prices of raw materials for cattle and pigs.

– We received new entry prices for several meat products on September 1st. “Kiwi should always be the cheapest, low-priced chain, and when we get lower input prices, we lower the price for the customer,” Helgesen says.

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