Football, tennis | More people earn more than Mbappé: see the list of the highest-paid athletes under 25

Football, tennis |  More people earn more than Mbappé: see the list of the highest-paid athletes under 25

In the recent list of the world’s highest paid athletes under the age of 25, one finds very few European footballers. Kylian Mbappe is the only one to slip into the list of the seven highest earners, but the Paris Saint-Germain player is by no means at the top.

At the top of the list is American Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Last year, he signed a new contract with the club with a ceiling of $258 million over six years, with a minimum repayment of $150 million.

that it Forbes Who compiled the list of the highest paid young athletes.

They split the income in and out of the sports arena. By Allen, he earned a total of $67 million last year, of which he earned 63 million on the field, and 4 million overseas. Off-field income includes, among other things, income from sponsors, as the American is sponsored by, among others, Nike, Pepsi and New Era.

These athletes earn the best (under 25)

1: Josh Allen (NFL)

2: Naomi Osaka (tennis)

3: Max Verstappen (Formula 1)

4: Kylian Mbappe (Football)

5: Marshawn Lattimore (NFL)

6: Devin Booker (Basketball, NBA)

7: Jake Paul (boxing)

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Gains fat off the tennis court

The second highest paid tennis player is Naomi Osaka. The Japanese made just under $60 million last year, but that’s not necessarily the most surprising thing. As much as 58 million in income came off the field, meaning only two million were earned on the field.

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Perhaps it is not surprising that the 24-year-old is sitting at home. Osaka has more than 20 partners, its own skincare chain, and its own sports agency.

After Osaka, Formula 1 star Max Verstappen follows, before Mbappe finally slips to fourth.

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Fixed monthly salary

The Frenchman, who was wanted by several clubs, before opting to extend with Paris Saint-Germain last week, had an income of $43 million last year. 28 of these are in the field and 15 of these.

The 23-year-old is expected to earn more this year than he did last year, as the new agreement with the Paris club will be very profitable. It caused quite a stir when Mbappe extended to PSG, due to the high amounts he would be charged.

Sky Sports reported that the Frenchman would get about $1.2 million a week. In addition, he was said to have received a signing fee of approximately $120 million.

LaLiga has stated that it will complain about Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA, based on the high amounts paid by the club to the player.

LaLiga representatives stated that “this type of agreement attacks the financial sustainability of European football, putting hundreds of thousands of jobs and sporting integrity at risk”.

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More American stars on the list

Mbappe, with his solid monthly salary, is in good company on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes under the age of 25. Behind the Paris Saint-Germain player is the NFL fullback Marshawn Lattimore, followed by the basketball star Devin Booker and boxer Jake Paul.

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The latter is mainly a well-known YouTuber, but according to Forbes, he made more money from boxing. He played several matches against other well-known names, in which large sums were often involved. In total, Paul raised 38 million Norwegian kroner last year. 30 of them must have acquired it through sports.

The list of the highest-paid stars under the age of 25 shows that many younger stars are gaining fat in their respective sports.

However, it is not the young people who earn the most. The athlete who wins the best in the world, Regardless of age and sport, Lionel Messi earned $130 million last year. He is closely followed by LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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