Forecast of 30 degrees – VG

Forecast of 30 degrees – VG
Warmer times: Oslo residents have been able to enjoy the sun and warmth for large parts of the spring. Now it got even hotter. Here from April.

Get out the sunscreen. Now comes the southern heat—for some.


At the same time that “unusually cold” winds are blowing over the country this weekend, Oslo residents can enjoy a very high weather forecast next week.

On Wednesday, the temperature can reach 30 degrees in the capital.

– It’s going to be hot, I won’t promise it will be 30 degrees, but it will be more than 25 in the hottest place in eastern Norway, says on-the-job meteorologist Hanne Beate Skattør for VG.

The clouds clear up and give way to blue skies and bright sun between Tuesday and Friday, due to high pressure over southern Norway.

OSLO-SUMMER: Sunshine on DC all week.

A reminder of the danger of forest fires

Southern Norway will also get summer weather this week. Skator says temperatures in the interior of Agder will be over 25 degrees Celsius. The joy continues until the end of next week, when a northerly wind is expected to bring some temperatures.

Skattør reminds of the danger of forest fires during the summer days.

– We have a fairly consistent forecast that it will be dry, and wildfire risk will increase throughout the week, she says.

– Is summer weather here to stay?

– We’re heading towards June and July. The meteorologist replied that it would be summer.

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Westerners and Trøndelag are being cheated by warm high pressure in eastern Norway, and rain is expected in Bergen until Tuesday, before the sun sets for the first weekend in June.

On the other hand, Bergen residents will not see a temperature higher than 14 degrees for the rest of the week, according to forecasts.

In Trondheim, it is expected to be cloudy and rainy throughout the entire first week of June.

Large amounts of snow at a height

Northerners have to wait a little longer for the warmer times. Temperatures drop at night until Monday, and the Meteorological Institute warns of snowfalls more than 400 to 600 meters above sea level.

“Calculate the extra time if you intend to drive, use the appropriate tires and drive according to the conditions,” the meteorologists advise.

Northern Norway has fairly stable temperatures until Wednesday, when it will be cooler, Skator says.

Snow was also forecast over the mountains in southern Norway throughout the weekend.

– Up in the mountain passes across eastern and western Norway, there may be problems for motorists, says Skator.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow snow warning for parts of mountains in southern Norway, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordan this weekend.


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