Formula 1: big changes from 2026

Formula 1: big changes from 2026

Formula 1 enters a new era in 2026. After that there will be many new changes to the regulations surrounding how cars are built and driven. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP/NTB

Starting from the 2026 season, the weight and size of the cars will be reduced.

International Automobile Federation (FIA) relaxation Highlights from new regulations in Montreal on Thursday. This weekend, the Canadian Grand Prix takes place in the big city.

The goal for the next generation of Formula 1 cars is to make them more agile and increase battery power by almost 300 percent. The FIA ​​believes it will make Formula 1 more sustainable.

-We have worked together to produce a car fit for the future at the elite level. FIA President Mohammed Bin Sulayem says: We believe we have reached this goal.

He refers to the rule changes as “unique.”

DRS disappears

From 2026, Formula 1 cars will be smaller in size and weight. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton (39) has repeatedly complained that today's cars are too heavy.

The other major change is the disappearance of the DRS function and its replacement with a manual override system. Today, drivers in certain areas can deploy the rear spoiler if they are behind the vehicle in front of them for a maximum of one second. The purpose is to be able to accelerate in order to overtake.

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In the future, one could try to overtake a competitor using battery power.

– As with DRS, the logic will be the same. If I'm close enough to another car, I'll get a little extra power per lap. I can use it as I want, explains Jan Monschau, one of the FIA's technical directors.

Six producers

In 2026, there will be ten teams and six engine manufacturers (Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Audi, and Red Bull Ford) in Formula 1.

The last time the regulations underwent a major overhaul was in 2022. Max Verstappen has won the last three World Cup titles as a Red Bull driver. The Dutchman also leads this year's tournament.

The new rules will be ratified by the FIA ​​Board of Directors on June 28.

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