Fornbo House of Culture | We need space – we need a room

Fornbow House of Culture |  We need space - we need room

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Then I also talk about outdoor spaces.

Incorporating the ‘church plot’ at Fornebu S and the adjoining plot, the latter of which is planned for housing within Health and Welfare. Then you get space for both the house and the air.

Yes – there are expensive plots – but the price will also be very high if you miss this building that has been promised to the Fornebu community for many years, that will house a lot and that will become a landmark in Fornebu.

Will he be a teacher? Because we hardly expect big splashes and architectural flashes from builders. In addition, we’ve already seen quite a few bugs – and maybe the developers will feel more comfortable with “play safe”.

Don’t build me! Air and space that are not necessarily defined for use on a detailed level are also part of the building. Creates an environment and well-being. The truth is, we are constantly evolving – and resilience has become a keyword. Just look at how office workplaces have evolved over the past two or three years.

Meeting places is a key word. We need “basement rooms”—rooms where young and old can meet friends and peers without an agenda. Fornebupiloten has already become a meeting place, in the five years since we established ourselves, but the organization is already struggling with space problems.

We must break the code – the code of well-being – if we can do this, we will win a lot.

At Fornebulandet, we are already seeing clear trends; Old people meet in established places – coffee shops and coffee shops – and young people congregate where they are still welcome – be it in Fornebu S – or in Punkt. But the number of elderly and young people will soon increase fivefold.

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Architects Unleashed. Let’s challenge Europe’s most talented architects to a competition to design a building we can enjoy every day. It’s not just us who have dinner, but our children and grandchildren. Because this building will last for generations.

Just look at the Louvre. The glass pyramid at the entrance to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Contrast to the point – but absolutely gorgeous. It has a large underground space.

It is important to decide what will go into the ‘house’ and what functions it will perform, as an introduction to architects. But the packaging is at least as important as what’s inside the house.

What will be the ‘house’ will be the result of what other buildings on Flytårnet end up as. There are big plans here – and you’re on your way to finding solutions.

We need light – we need air and we need luxury. And luxury also depends on aesthetics. The view towards Kolsås from “The House” actually disappears. Very well. Let’s take action before it’s too late.

We must break the code – the code of well-being – if we can do this, we will win a lot.

Be aware that this home is something to look at, admire and wonder about – and perhaps be proud of as residents of Fornebulandet. for several years.

And then finally: let’s give a name to the house.

“A multi-purpose building with a church room” – said the hopeless name. Maybe we should actually announce a naming contest? Let users and reviewers give us their opinions and creative input.

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And until this is specified, we may briefly call it the title of the work; “the home”.

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