Audun Lesbaken abandons politics: – It is time to make room for others

Audun Lesbaken abandons politics: – It is time to make room for others

He doesn't know what he will do next. After this period in Parliament, Audun Lesbaken (SV) says thank you.

The 46-year-old confirms to Bergensavisen that he will not run for re-election.

– The point of saying that in the Library of Alexandria is symbolic. At the Library of Alexandria, the people of Bergen became aware of who I was in the 1990s, says Lesbaken Newspaper.

Lisbakken does not know what he will do when he finishes politics.

– Honestly, and it's true: I have no idea what I'm going to do. And I don't want to know either, says the former party leader.

Receives words of praise

Lisbakken receives words of praise from Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture (AFP).

– He is one of the people I appreciate getting to know, talking to and learning from in Norwegian politics. He is a wise and experienced politician, who has seen his ups and downs, and has a lot to contribute, Storr tells NTB.

Støre and Lysbakken have been in government together since 2009. The two also held long talks about whether SV should form part of Støre's government after elections in 2021.

Støre says he respects Lysbakken's choice now to surrender. He answers a clear “yes” to the question of whether he will miss Lisbakken in politics. He points out that there is no one who is irreplaceable.

-I'm sure that wherever he goes, he will be very happy with this choice. “I hope to also keep him as a friend and conversation partner,” he says.

Solberg: Great respect

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Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg also gets the credit for what she offers. She believes it was not an unexpected departure, as he resigned from his position as party leader.

– He was a nice teammate, both on the bench at Hordalands and in many cases. I have great respect for the way he works and his efforts in Norwegian politics, even though we disagree on many political priorities, Solberg tells NTB.

She points out that Lisbakken was a strong debater.

– I remember it at first as a very ideological SV-er, but then it became rounded at the edges. “I often think he has a fair way of debating,” she says.

Stairs down

In November 2022, Lesbaquin surprised many by announcing that he would step down as party leader.

At the national meeting a few months later, he was dismissed to a standing ovation.

It was the desire to spend more time with his family and children that he cited as the main reason for wanting to downsize. He has four children, ages 2, 11, 13, and 23 years old.

But consideration for the party also came into consideration.

-I think this is the right time to make room for someone else. But the sign of health in Norwegian politics is that it is not so much about the person as it is about the party, he says.

You don't want to sit in layoff for a long time

So far, he hasn't said much about his thoughts on the future.

After stepping down as party leader, he continued his work as an ordinary parliamentary representative and represents the Socialist Party in the Oversight and Constitutional Committee.

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He stresses that he still has nearly two years to go, and that it is good not to spend too much time on what he will do next.

At the same time, it was perhaps somewhat likely that the time in the Storting was coming to an end.

– Yes. But at the same time I never said that before. “It has to do with the fact that I don't want to be under observation for a long time,” Lesbaken tells BA.

Lisbakken was first elected to parliament in 2001. He was deputy leader of the Socialist Party in 2005-2012 and leader of the party in 2012-2023. He was also a minister in Jens Stoltenberg's government.

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