Anniken Jørgensen with a specially designed ring

Anniken Jørgensen with a specially designed ring

Anniken Jørgensen (28), known by the blogger name “Anijor” (28), was, along with Sophie Elise Isaksen (29), Isabelle Raad (29) and Nora Haukland (26), one of four profiles in the reality series Girls “Oslo.”

Confirms the new program

The series dealt with the lives of the four influencers, giving viewers an insight into the hectic and sometimes very luxurious daily lives of young women. The series was hated by critics but loved by viewers. Many fans are still hoping that there will be a second season.

I have to say: In the last episode of Oslo Girls, Isabelle Raad takes the magazine out of her mouth and tells Sophie Elise about her date with her ex-husband. Video: Red Runner/Prime Video
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Throughout the episodes, you can see the four's friendships unfold, the little intrigues between the foursome, as well as when the girls took Sophie Elise's famous 'pose'.

- That's why we publish

– That's why we publish

Both Jørgensen and Raad were skeptical of Isaksen's explanation, and Raad speculated whether it could have all been intentional.

For his part, Jorgensen claimed that the photo's flaw was the scandal of the ages, and wondered how this could have happened.

Scandal of the era?: The photo caused a huge uproar and became a topic of discussion during the documentary series.  Image: Screenshot from Instagram.

Scandal of the era?: The photo caused a huge uproar and became a topic of discussion during the documentary series. Image: Screenshot from Instagram.
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-Is it possible to achieve something like this? Who takes that photo “in the first place”? You just have to take her word for it and believe it wasn't on purpose. “I expect there's more to the story,” Jorgensen told the camera.

Although the group of four friends couldn't quite agree on the actual course of events, they left the ball dead – for the time being.

tears: It doesn't take long before a rather disturbing situation arises in “Oslo Girls” when the girls have a spring reunion for Anniken Jørgensen.
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Showing off a friend

Private conversations weren't the only thing viewers had to participate in. During the episodes, they barely recognized Jorgensen's fiancé, Theo Engelstad (28).

In May 2022, the couple could reveal the good news that they are engaged, but they have not yet set a wedding date. However, when Se and Hør met the lovebirds during ELLE's summer bash last year, she revealed that the wedding would take place in two years.

- It will be in two years

– It will be in two years

-We started thinking about the wedding. We've been engaged for a year, and I don't want to be “that girl” who was engaged for seven years and it never happened. “We are starting slowly, and that will be within two years,” she told Si Uj Hor at the time.

Although Jørgensen shared the ups and downs with her followers, she kept her cards very close to her chest when it came to her future husband. The 28-year-old has been very tight-lipped about how the love story between the two developed, so it was a pleasant surprise when Jorgensen was able to tell her followers how her boyfriend proposed to her a year and a half ago.

She did this in several videos on the photo-sharing service Snapchat.

pressure: Planning Anniken Jørgensen's wedding stresses her out. Video: Prime Video
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-I woke up and had no idea. Theo tried to force me to go on a trip into the woods, but he didn't succeed. So we decided to go out to eat instead. When we got home, he just disappeared in the door. Then I realize that something is going on, and then I enter into a sea of ​​roses of some things.

Here's what Audi says about the speculation

Here's what Audi says about the speculation

Jørgensen has been very transparent with her followers, and has shared openly about the issues she has faced in the wake of Covid-19 vaccinations. This is also something she addresses on Snapstory regarding her proposal story.

– At this stage, I was bleeding after the Corona vaccine. For those of you who don't know, I bled constantly for a year and a half. There were a lot of problems with that, and I told Theo he didn't have to propose to me. I didn't want a moment of joy in my life to be taken away from me the next day, somehow.

Anniken Jørgensen talks about wedding plans. Reporter: Jonathan Gathaug Nielsen. Video: Nora Scavhoj.
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She announced that she had met Theo around the same time he started bleeding, and stated that he was “absolutely sick” because he had decided to put a ring on her finger.

– I was very sick. I was lying in bed and I almost thought life was going to be like this forever… He got down on his knees and gave a very wonderful speech. I was shocked, and then he said, “Will you marry me?” she said.

Damn: - It was difficult

Damn: – It was difficult

She then shows off her custom-designed engagement ring, saying it's not just a ring her fiancé gave her.

Jorgensen had posted the same engagement ring on his blog several years ago, as a sort of digital wish list. This was long before she met her chosen one, so it was an even greater shock when she realized he had been given the same 'ring'.

Image: Screenshot from Snapchat

Image: Screenshot from Snapchat
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-You said it was the best ring you've ever seen. He found out because I mentioned it to him. But this is a mark like the time I got silver. The ring is from Spinelli Kilcollin, and he made it in both white and yellow gold! He was very nice, Jorgensen tells Se og Hør.

These are the participants this year

These are the participants this year

A quick internet search shows that a similar ring from the same brand costs around 15,000 NOK. Since Jørgensen's engagement ring is custom-designed in white and yellow gold, it's conceivable that the ring she's wearing might be somewhat more expensive than this.

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