Frank Kiosos for his real-life debut

Frank Kiosos for his real-life debut

Earlier this month it became known that star duo Eyvind Hellstrøm (74) and Truls Svendsen (50) are working on a new TV concept. In the past, they had a huge hit with “Truls à la Hellstrom”.

That’s why they don’t brag about the daughter

But this time, they’re going for a more school-like version, where the point is, the head chef will teach twelve famous faces to cook in true Hellstrom style. The program was called “Cooking School with Trolls and Hellstrom”.

Among the famous faces, you will find several who are really getting their start. Actor Frank Kiosos, 41, is one of them.

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That’s why he said yes

– Yes, I think that’s what you say when you’re involved in something like this. The 41-year-old Se og Hør answers the first question.

– I hope it’s fun, there are a lot of nice people here, so I’m looking forward to it. He further explains that good weather and good food, will be fine.

Argument: - It is necessary to talk about it

Argument: – It is necessary to talk about it

Kjosås has always been one of the leading actors in the country, and in 2013 he was awarded the Gullruten Award for Best Male Actor. Recently, he was seen in “Exodus”, among others.

It will be a while before the “reality contestant” is added to his resume.

Celebrity scene: Here are the participants in

Celebrity scene: Here are the participants of Cooking School with Trolls and Hellstrom. Photo: TV 2/Per Christian Lind
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– What made you agree?

– Eyvind Hellstrom, Keusaus answers quickly.

To be allowed to be a guide, manager and teacher. Plus Truls is up and running and I love their offering. But when it’s not just a ‘come and taste our food’ experience, but an actual ‘you’ll learn to cook from the experience of Eyvind Hellstrøm’ – then it’s an opportunity you can’t miss. At least I couldn’t.

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– scary

The actor says he loves to cook, but there is a point in the cooking process that often gives him a little trouble.

– I am very happy to cook, and very interested in it. I have something I’m good at – I know, for one, that I’m good at setting up and getting stuff ready – but then things can go really fast in the corners, because I spend a lot of time preparing.

- He must make mistakes soon

– He must make mistakes soon

The majority of other participants referred to Kjosås when asked who their biggest competitor was. A favorite stamp is not something that he himself wants to wear.

– It’s scary, especially when it’s in a school context like that. Maybe there will be some antifreeze and such? Flirting 41 years old.

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– It’s very interesting and I’m very happy about it. Not sure what they’re basing it on, but it’s cute and amazing. Now suddenly part of the responsibility falls on me, but I just have to take that responsibility.

- It just got worse and worse

– It just got worse and worse

– humble beginner

Now Kjosås is looking forward to learning the art of cooking from Hellstrøm himself.

– Being able to attend a master class and listen to what Eyvind says makes me feel really proud, but I dare not call myself a chef. In front of him, I would call myself an extremely humble junior.

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– It is not certain that I will be able to live up to his level, but I must work to the standards I do achieve and try to raise them a little bit each day. Then I think you can become more confident about cooking, because it’s more fun out there.

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