Mefjorden, MDG | Throwing is where we throw things – but is that all?

Mefjorden, MDG |  Throwing is where we throw things – but is that all?

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Both sides are calling for a better nature accounting system, which will allow us to make wiser decisions about land-use planning and nature management.

At Sandefjord MDG, we don’t think we should just sit back and wait for this system tool. We think we must now begin to investigate in those areas of the municipality where we know there is valuable nature.

This summer, Sandefjord is under the microscope, and large parts of the municipality’s nature are being marked out as prized for nature. The results of the survey will be published during 2024.

In the heart of Mefjorden we have an area of ​​wetlands, two stream outlets and vegetation that deserve better protection.

This is already known. So, in the Millennium Development Goals, we want to focus more on rebuilding in this area. According to a survey by NRK, Sandefjord has so far protected only 1.54 percent of its area. Therefore, our municipality has an important mission to take better care of the nature around us.

For ecosystems to function optimally, they need space, space, and protection from human activity. The Millennium Development Goal wants to increase protection of the valuable natural environment in the heart of Mfjordan.

We cannot allow activities that may pollute or litter the area, and we must deal with rainwater issues. If we are to fight the natural crisis, the degradation of ecosystems and the ever-escalating climate crisis, we need strong, self-regulating ecosystems. Therefore, we propose to start the investigation in 2024, when the following main categories should be considered:

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1. Further restoration of Haslebekken and Djupsundbekken: In 2020 Norconsult prepared a memorandum, “Water area Horten-Larvik”, which looked at reopening parts of Djupsundbekken. The process status needs to be explained, the stream is extended to a certain extent. In another round of investigation, it should show what more can be done to strengthen the ecosystem in and around the river bed. It is gratifying to read that people want to open Haslebekken towards Gokstadhaugen (Møller, 2023). In this regard, one should look at previous work from SFFAL (Sandefjord Management Board for Anadrom Salmonfish) for whole area upgrades (Møller, They are going to upgrade this to a new hiking area in Sandefjord, 2020). The Millennium Development Goals believe that clearly stated new ambitions for the region should be in place, which include a status report on infiltration ponds in the region. We want new measures to be investigated to stop storm water problems from drains that could affect the water environment in the region.

2. Increasing the areas of conservation and possible protection of the inner Mfjord Today there is a general conservation area within 100 meters of the riverbed and river outlet. For the inner Mefjord and its outlets, a larger protection zone extending to the south of Ormestadholmen and Gokstadholmen should be considered. Funds should also be set aside for labeling and enforcement guidelines that apply to this area.

3. Consider moving the industrial activity to other places in the municipality. We want to survey industrial activity in the area around inland Mefjorden, particularly the impact of activities at the Kastet ecostation on its surroundings. In addition, the municipalities must assess whether to transfer part of the other industrial activity in the area (wrecks handling, restrooms, etc.) to other places in the municipality.

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The MDGs have followed discussions in the local media about public access to coastal areas, and in particular the value of coastal trails near the sea. The increased emphasis on nature in the heart of Mfjorden must be done in such a way that the coastal path in this area also gets a real boost. Today, the area looks more industrial than natural.

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