Danger of heavy rain in large parts of the country

Danger of heavy rain in large parts of the country

– Heavy rain coming from the southwest to Oslo and eastern Norway. Here there will be a risk of large amounts of rain locally, says Trine Jonassen, a meteorologist for Storm Geo to TV 2.

Temperatures will remain the same, around 20 degrees. The meteorologist is bringing the same frustrating message to western and central Norway.

It is a low pressure front which makes the weather unstable and leads to rain. It is difficult to say precisely when and where it will occur.

Send a dangerous warning

According to Jonassen, there will be heavy rain along the coast of southern Norway during Sunday. Temperatures will remain the same in the morning and will be moderate.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow warning of heavy rain for the regions of Östfold, Akershus and Oslo.

The warning of danger applies to Sunday afternoon and evening, and Meteorological Institute Cautions of large local variations in density and quantity

nice in the north

However, part of the country escapes from the worst of the rain showers.

– It will stay nice in approx. Northern Norway. Troms and Finnmark in particular have very pleasant weather.

The meteorologist says the weather and temperatures here will remain fine on Monday. It will be better in coastal areas, while there may be some showers inland.

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The start of the week will be very similar to Sunday, and through Wednesday, large parts of southern Norway will experience variable weather.

– The worst of the rain appears to be heading towards western Norway towards the middle of the week, according to meteorologists.

Turns into the middle of the week

Jonassen says there is still hope for good weather in southern Norway in the near future.

– On Tuesday afternoon, the weather is a bit cloudy in southern Norway, but there are still periods when the weather and rain coverage changes.

At the same time, northern Norway may experience bad weather and low temperatures.

– But so far, Troms and Finnmark will have the best weather with high temperatures. It’s been a colder period, so it’s likely to be greeted warmly.

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