The scenes caused a new mass riot in the Tour de France: – Please

The scenes caused a new mass riot in the Tour de France: – Please

We’ve seen it before, and we’ll have to see it again. Again, the spectator stood close to the two cyclists and “pushed” a rider over the finish.

The Big Fall: A spectator “pushes” a rider to the end of the fifteenth stage of the Tour de France. Several riders took to the grandstand.

This led to another massive crash. A replay of the situation shows a spectator extending his arm to take a picture of the passengers. The outstretched arm hit Jumbo Visma rider Sep Kos at full speed.

– If you’re going to watch a bike race, get off the asphalt, that’s Discovery commentator Andreas Stone-Mettet’s appeal to the people.

Koss swept the field and took the majority of riders into the fall with him. Teammate Nathan van Hooydonk seemed to get the worst of it. Ineos rider Egan Bernal also fell.

A couple of Uno-X riders also got involved in the roll, but everyone seemed to be fine and everyone got back on the bike. Most of the riders were able to stop when the accident occurred.

On Twitter, Ineos Grenadiers makes the same request as Staune-Mettet.

“If you’re watching this amazing ride – please give the riders room to ride,” the team wrote.

During this year’s edition of the Tour de France, several of the biggest stars warned spectators not to get too close to the riders.

In both the eighth and ninth stages there were accidents between cyclists and spectators.

– Many people set their tables or take their children too far down the road, which is very dangerous. “I don’t know what people think when they do this,” said general manager Jonas Vinggaard (Jumbo-Visma).

Steve Krass (TotalEnergies), who ran into scenes and was later forced to retire, took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

– When a spectator moves to the road and does not move when home field arrives, that person must stay home instead. You have no respect for us cyclists. Books I hope you feel guilty.

During the 2021 edition of the Tour de France, a woman was arrested and sued by the organizer after she was blamed for the mass coup. The suit was later withdrawn.

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