Equality and Feminism | We should talk positively about men

Equality and Feminism |  We should talk positively about men

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Women have historically found themselves in the role of eternal and true victims. Therefore, the achievements of modern women today are held in higher esteem than those of men.

Successful men, on the other hand, are suspected of representing patriarchy.

At the same time, the explanations that make many men today feel left behind by society are the same explanations that have been used to advance women's status: a discourse based on the fact that some groups are victims of the social structure.

The Norwegian debate on modern feminism has been characterized by Polarization and deep disagreements About what equality should mean, and whether it can go further.

If feminism is to maintain its support among the entire population, there is a need to increase representation of young people's experiences.

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It makes everything worse

The root reason why boys today do not feel represented in the struggle for equality lies in the fact that today's feminist movement defends women's right to self-expression in a different way than it does with men.

There is no room for pride man The same way I would be proud woman.

When the place of men in the struggle for equality is made clear, emphasis is placed on key negative challenges e.g Boys fall into school And they are Overrepresented in suicide statistics.

These are very important topics, but a broader change in attitudes is needed for young people to feel like they belong in modern Norway.

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We must be able to talk positively about masculinity, and be an ambitious man.

If we allow ourselves to ridicule the few men in Norway who have been able to take on the role of spokespersons for young boys, we make everything worse.

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It will make men victims

It may seem that men must first be placed in victim roles, let down by the school system for example, in order to gain positive recognition.

We look for ways to hurt men so we can justify helping them back off.

But this is not a sin for Norwegian boys, and it should be possible for young people to feel recognized and proud of their identity without having to talk to them first.

We see through controversial figures like Jordan Peterson that personal responsibility and self-improvement are what many men find meaning in. Believing those who are left behind does not help.

While I am free to cultivate my femininity in public, defending classic masculine values ​​has become equivalent to supporting the far right. This equal sign must be erased.

Listening to Peterson, for example, tell you to get up in the morning is not the same as misogyny. We are losing community We are trying to turn men into women It pushes them into the arms of alternative role models.

It is not a political problem that some men are not allowed to sleep in the city, but a social problem if persistent mistrust builds up in the struggle for equality.

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We women need to think about our attitudes toward men, in the same way that men need to think about their attitudes toward women. If we want everyone on the team, everyone needs to feel represented and wanted.

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