Rana municipality is waiting for new residents!

Rana municipality is waiting for new residents!

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It is desirable to have new immigrants to Rana Municipality, but how can one imagine it without a good network, such as a good school, kindergarten etc.? Kindergarten coverage stopped around Christmas time in 2022. There was no way to hire more people – it was too expensive, 12-15m needed to get full daycare enrolment. What is it compared to the 476 million that has been earmarked, among other things, for deep-water berths? The dock that many reliable people say and believe is not necessary. 476 million could quickly rise to more than that. Guess who can!!

I don’t want to be too negative at all, but there have been no encouraging things like that that have been gradually popping up in the media. Really good reasons to react and at the same time to worry.

When the chancellor comes out as a chancellor and commends the office for doing a good job, I will certainly come out and commend the opposition for keeping their spirits up. As many know, the opposition put forward many good issues, but unfortunately they were voted down by a majority.

Why are they the weaker ones who are constantly injured by the cuts being made? We need more hands to care for the elderly, and I resent it when I also now hear rumors of a decline in the well-being of those who enjoy and look forward to their activities. Luxury does not lie in the beautiful parks and buildings of the city, but in a good society where everyone thrives. No one should go around worrying and fearing for their children, young children, or the elderly.

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We roll up our arms and try to stand up for good causes where citizens are taken seriously. Not in arrogance, but in love and cooperation. Vote with your heart!!

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Rana Karaf

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