Corona – I got Covid on purpose

Corona - I got Covid on purpose

Czech popular singer Hanka Horka has died, after she chose to contract the Corona virus. Her son confirms it BBC.

employment Social media Horka writes that the tests came back positive, but that she was starting to get better.

“Now there will be a theater, a sauna and a concert,” she wrote in the post.

Two days later, on Sunday, January 16, she died.

will get hurt

Her son Jean-Ric told the BBC she decided to get injured on purpose when he and his father were injured at Christmas.

– She decided she would rather catch the virus, than get the vaccine, Rick told the Czech newspaper online

She must have done this because she wanted the Corona passport.

In the Czech Republic, you must have proof that you have been vaccinated, or that you have recently been infected with the Covid virus, in order to enter cinemas, bars or cafes, for example.

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Rather than walk away, Horka decided to expose himself to the virus, the son said.

– She had to self-isolate for a week because the test results are positive. But he told the BBC that she was with us the whole time.

– In ten minutes

Jan Ric says his mom went for a walk on Sunday, came back and told her dad she had back pain. Then I went to bed.

– In just ten minutes it’s over. The son told the BBC that she had been strangled.

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When asked by the Czech online newspaper, the son denied that the mother might have died of anything other than Covid:

It doesn’t look anything other than that, he says.

Rely more on strangers

He is now highly critical of the coronavirus deniers and vaccine opponents who his mother is said to have listened to.

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I’m the one behind seeing it. I’ve heard about this for a year. Unfortunately, she relied more on strangers than her family, Rek told

But he assured the BBC that his mother did not believe in any strange conspiracy theories about Covid vaccines.

– Her philosophy was that it was perfectly fine to catch the virus, rather than get vaccinated. It wasn’t like she thought she’d get a chip or something, he told the announcer.

Horka refused to take the vaccine despite the family’s requests, according to the son, adding that the rest of the family had been vaccinated.

Hanka Horka was a member of the Czech folk song group Asonance.

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