The rest of the world was against me, but in the Liverpool bubble I had support

The rest of the world was against me, but in the Liverpool bubble I had support

Peter Crouch became a popular figure during his three years as a Liverpool player, and to this day he remains a fan favorite. In total, 42 goals and an FA Cup trophy were what counted, before the journey could continue and a rich career could continue.

Today, Crouch works with, among other things, television, and now he’s currently shooting the documentary “That Peter Crouch Film,” which you can watch on Prime Video. In this regard, write off a conversation with liverpool echowhere, among other things, there will be talk about his career at Liverpool, which included ups and downs.

The 42-year-old in particular remembers how difficult it was to start his career in the red. He played as a forward for the European champions, but went goalless in his first 19 matches before losing.

– I would like this to happen to the fans at once too

Jurgen Klopp in a nice interview with Peter Crouch.

The agent claims that Liverpool will sign the young Dane

The agent claims that Liverpool will sign the young Dane

Patrick Dorgo is a great talent.

News Today 21:30

– Rafa believed in me and said that it’s not just about scoring goals. Steven Gerrard also said, I contributed a lot to the matches. And I have a lot to thank the fans for, because not many people would have given so much support to a striker who went so long without scoring. I felt like the world was against me, but in the Liverpool bubble I had the support.

– My teammates and fans wanted me to succeed, which is why I had a difficult period in my life. It took a toll, but I’m proud I got through it. And when the goals and victories first came, I felt I could give back to the fans. I could never give them what they gave me, but fortunately, I was considered a success when I left and didn’t fail, says Crouch.

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The man, who stands two meters above the ground, says the move from Southampton to Liverpool came as a big surprise in the summer of 2005.

– I remember watching the final in 2005 when I was with England in the USA, and I sat and thought ‘what a club’. It was one of the best games I’ve seen and a few weeks later I was playing Liverpool!

– I had no idea that was going to happen, and you don’t realize the size of the club until you get to it and get close to all the history.

To play for a team of this magnitude and be fondly remembered by the fans, who know so much about football, is something I am very proud of. Every time I come back, I’m only greeted with smiles, and people remember what I contributed as a player. “I have nothing but good memories of this city,” says Crouch.

The beloved forward retired in 2019 after playing over 700 matches and scoring over 200 goals at senior level. He also won 42 caps and a whopping 22 goals for England. But he was at his best at Liverpool.

– I firmly believe that the best period of my footballing career was the three years I spent at Liverpool, when I scored for club and national team and played in major tournaments. Crouch says it was probably the happiest period of his career.

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