February 4, 2023


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Garnacho has a skill that not many players in the Premier League have

In the second part of the Crystal Palace press conference, Erik ten Hag was asked about one of Saturday’s champions, Alejandro Garnacho.

A journalist asked how much improvement Ten Hag had seen in the Spaniard’s Argentine attitude, and in the 18-year-old’s game in general.

– Many. He has a skill that I don’t see many players have in the Premier League – he gets past players one-on-one. In recent months, he has learned how to play in a team, how to live, how to do the right things during the week, and how to have the right attitude on the training field. You now see that he acts like a team player, Ten Hag explains, and with his individual skills, you can make a difference.

– What applies to him now is to continue the march. It’s not over, there’s a lot left to do. There is a lot of room for improvement with him, but he can contribute at a really high level and I’m very happy about that. It’s a bonus for us as a club that one brings in young players, that they are not only in the stable, but also in the squad. It is part of our project that should contribute to our success.

Read more from the second part of the press conference here.

Watch the highlights against City (including Garnacho’s assist for Rashford):

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