culture pulse | Alexander on the lead role: – Hell’s work

culture pulse |  Alexander on the lead role: – Hell’s work

On Sunday we can see Hordvik’s Alexander Satterstoll fight through an ax throwing competition against Espen Lervag.

Bergenseren moved in after the first week of “Farmen Kjendis” and so will be seen when they are ready for a new week and a new big farmer.

Aspen agreed in advance that he would choose Alexander as a great farmer, and so it turned out.

– I have never been the leader of anything. I don’t take it seriously, but a little bit as it comes, Sæterstøl says, smiling.

– There is no sick leave

When we spoke to him a few months after the recording, he said he didn’t remember much when he was a big farmer.

Did you suppress it all?

– That was boring. You have to be responsible and in control, but I really liked that part, he tells BA.

It was a huge, week-long task for the senior cultivator to lead. The gang was making Swiss cheese, setting up a field with 2,000 cabbage plants, building a laundry and a semi-automatic wood washer.

– The weekly mission was very cool. It was a lot in seven days, hell work. He was very ill. Fortunately, there were some who were very observant, he says.

The Bergen resident says he has had to bring his experience from working life to the role of a senior farmer.

– What is certain and certain is that you should not burn. There was a lot to do and a lot of new things in the first week. The second week there was more work, and less food. That’s why I decided to introduce a midday nap, he says, and explains:

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– You can’t get sick in 1920. I was afraid that others would get tired, so I introduced that everyone should gather energy. I’d rather people be happy and have a desire to work than be sad and tired.

name root

Säteststøl entered the competition with an open mind. After getting through the first week, which he refers to as detoxing digitally and in terms of nutrients like sugar, he was eager to do his best on the farm.

Early in the episode on Tuesday, he appears to be a bit bitter that former big farmer Ornulf Hoyer picked him as the number one champion in Week One.

– I will take revenge on Uglleulf, Ugluff, Ulføy, Øyulf, what’s his name again? The name is very difficult, no one has this name. Øyluff or Uggulf? I don’t think he’s allowed to call his children, says Sætestøl, who really means Ørnulf Høyer.

When BA reminds him of this, he laughs, adding that he eventually managed to figure out the name.

Further in the episode, we can see that the big farmer’s lax driving style causes many participants to fear not being able to complete the weekly task.

Whether or not Bergensen can do the job remains to be seen on Sunday.

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