Nils Kavalvik: – Barely injured on «Turbit»

Nils Kavalvik: - Barely injured on «Turbit»

“farms” And the side competition “Turbt” In full swing, at the moment Nils Kavalvik (40)Mohamed Sarmadawi, 27, and Daniel Godot, 29, form a trio on the small side yard near Hordahl in Östertütten.

So far, “Torpet” has gone its own way, seemingly without the great drama. But in reality, brutal things happened that were not shown to television viewers.

Tragedy: Robert “Norwegrup” Scott has been depressed for eight years after losing three of his siblings. Video: Andreas Vadom
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Kicked to faint

Perhaps the most exciting thing was when Kvalvik’s cow kicked him and he ended up in the emergency room.

– It was huge, a few seconds from my memory. it was dark. I saw stars and planets, said the 40-year-old, look and hear.

One of the cows inside Turbat’s farm had mastitis, which led to additional risks when participants had to milk it.

– Placing a cow with mastitis with three men who have no skin … Fortunately I worked a little with cows, and I knew that a cow with mastitis could chase you. So my first reaction when I realized the cow wasn’t feeling well was to find the kick rod that came with the cow to “Torpet,” says Kvalvik.

breaking the rules: Over the years we have seen several cases of abuse within The Farm. Now the cheat has been revealed on this year’s season. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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– It took off completely

He found the collar and started milking. But suddenly the big animal raised its foot. Suddenly I realized it didn’t work. It was difficult for the “Torpet” participant.

– I took off completely inside the booth, and I’ve never seen a kicker fly so damned before. What surprised me then was that that cow never wore a kicker. She also assured me of production.

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– Obviously, when you let a cow with mastitis enter a farm with three “water dwarves” and expect things to go well…? It must be remembered that the farming profession is one of the most dangerous in Norway today. At least as it was practiced a hundred years ago. Kvalvik believes this is a safety issue.

WORD WAR: Kjell Strand was terribly bitter and thought he was the wrong guy who got smoked from the Farmin’s duel on Sunday. Robert Michael Scott is back. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Shipped to the doctor

Finnmarkingen explains that he mysteriously managed to handle his hands when he bumped into a cow, possibly saving life and health.

– You could have hit me in the stomach, but somehow I caught the cow’s foot when it kicked. But my neck was in shock when I landed. Because I ended up in a pile of rocks right there in the back. It was raw muscular strength.

A kick from a cow of this size can crush any bone in the body. But I got back on my feet and milked the cow. I had to handle it nicely and neatly without the kick rod. In the meantime, the production was arranged for a doctor, because I was completely gone and in great pain. So we went to the doctor, and the doctor said I was reasonably swollen in the shoulder and bottom of the foot. He wrote me a reasonably huge prescription, with six powerful pain relievers a day. It shows how painful it was.

Participants: Nils Kvalvik with Daniel Godot and Dinky Boldermann, who were the first three participants in this year's 'Turbat'.  Photo: TV 2

Participants: Nils Kvalvik with Daniel Godot and Dinky Boldermann, who were the first three participants in this year’s ‘Turbat’. Photo: TV 2
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The doctor is said to have proven that there was no talk of any internal bleeding. On Kvalvik’s side, withdrawing from the program was not at all on topic, although he “was gone in foggy country for a few days and doesn’t remember much from the first day after the accident”.

Vectras: Robert “Norwegrup” Scott lost weight and was not recognized by his children after his stay on The Farm. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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– He could have really messed up

However, he does not hide the fact that he believes that TV 2 and Strix should look at their routines, and make sure that such events do not happen again.

– In terms of HSE (Health, Environment and Safety, Journals. Note), I am very important, especially when we know that the farming profession is very dangerous. The least that can be done is to take safety precautions that prevent a cow from kicking anyone to death. I don’t blame the cow, because she panicked. TV 2 and Strix should accept criticism and learn from exactly this. You don’t mess with HSE.

– How wrong could it go?

– If I had not received my arm, there would have been talk of internal bleeding. This is usually the result when a cow or a horse is kicked. It could have gone wrong.

they change: In previous seasons of “The Farm”, all the young participants were single. There are exceptions this year, but host Mads Hansen still promises to flirt. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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He’ll believe they’re learning

According to Kvalvik, Daniel Godot, another participant in the Turbat Ranch, must have seen the drama.

– There were a few seconds, but when I heard from Daniel what it sounded like, I got frightened too. I was a little scared, because he said he was terrified – because I was “completely gone”.

Did you address your critical opinions with production when you returned to the farm?

Yes, but nothing else happened. We had to keep milking the cow without the kicker, even though the boys were afraid to do so after what happened. I totally understand that. But I think they will take precautions next year, that they will learn from their mistakes. What should have happened, says Kvalvik, who critiques several things that happened there, including when Sarmadawi “almost cut his foot with an axe” right after he reached the small side yard.

Critic: Nils Kvalvik criticizes many of the things that happened inside Turbat.  Photo: Tor Lindseth

Critic: Nils Kvalvik criticizes many of the things that happened inside Turbat. Photo: Tor Lindseth
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Robert Michael Scott also wounded himself early with an ax on The Farm.

– Then the bell should ring, they should have thought that it would be smart to teach the participants how to use the ax. If the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate had seen all this, they would have tore Strix to shreds on the basis of such things.

Kine and Jonas are so proud of their new podcast, that Jonas simply didn’t prioritize welding repair.
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TV 2: – No problem to continue

TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Petter Dahl, confirms to Se og Hør that Kvalvik was hit by a cow – in the second week of filming, on the eleventh day of production.

– When production found out that Nils had been fired, he was taken to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a sedative, and thought it was no problem for Niels to continue staying. Dahl says:

– This cow has been on “Farmin” and “Turbet” for several seasons. It is used for people they don’t know, and we haven’t had any problems with the cow either before or since. The cow continued to be one of the farm animals on the Turbat, without anyone having it as a problem regarding mastitis and milking.

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