Easter Talk, Harlem Alexander | Easter Talk: Harlem Alexander (35)

Easter Talk, Harlem Alexander |  Easter Talk: Harlem Alexander (35)

In Nettavisen's Easter column, it's all about Easter, and many celebrities talk about their plans for this holiday and their best and worst memories of Easter. At the very least, they reveal what they should have in the Easter egg. From us to you – Happy Easter!

Hairdresser and TV presenter Harlem Alexander (37) found love with Jan Thomas (56) on TV four years ago. Last fall, Alexander participated in “Shall We Dance.”

This Easter, Harlem Alexander will focus on keeping things simple, especially with an Easter egg stuffed with the best sweets he knows.

Here's Easter talk with Harlem Alexander:

What are your plans for Easter and who will you spend it with?
– I'll be with Jan and Ter in Oslo, unless Jan has a surprise. We talked about leaving, but I don't think it will happen. I think it will be a quiet Easter here in Oslo.

What is your Easter tradition?
– Nothing but eating a lot of sweets! People travel to the cabin, of course, but we don't like snow and we don't ski.

What is the most overrated Easter tradition?
– I'm an atheist, and I don't see any point in having a lot of Christian elements in Easter. It's so old-fashioned, can't you call it a day off? Easter is so much fun, and then you know you have some days off, but I don't really know why you celebrate it all at once.

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What is your best Easter memory?
– It must have been when I was a kid looking for Easter eggs. I got a map drawn by my dad and the fishing was a lot of fun.

What is your worst Easter memory?
– I don't have any, so in this case I displaced them. I think Easter is very beautiful, and the weather is usually very nice as you head into spring. So I don't have anything negative to say about Easter.

What should you have in an Easter egg?
-I have to get the fairy chocolates and Easter marzipan from Nedar. I also love sour candy, the more sour the better.

-I also like old-fashioned candy. It is preferable that it be the type you find at gas stations that has been standing for a long time. And that it became so chewy that the candy became completely solid, I like that.

Easter in the city or Easter in the cottage?
– Easter City. Then there are often fewer people in town, and I have no particular connection to the cabin and the ski slopes. I love being in the city and being at home, where I have all my stuff and can go through my routine and recharge my batteries.

Ski trip or apr├Ęs ski?
-After skiing, because that never happens. I was skiing one time, and ended up in the emergency room. My friend flipped over and fell on her head, so she went straight to the doctor. But she was fine.

Quick lunch or marzipan?
– Marzipan. There will probably be a couple of marzipan eggs this Easter.

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Easter puzzle or crossword?
– Valentine's Day crime stories. I liked most of the Easter murder stories that were on TV before, but the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish crime stories were the best.

Do you have an Easter activity you recommend?
– Go out and go for a walk if the weather is nice. Don't stress, take Easter easy.

Orange with chocolate, yes or no?
– both. It's not okay and it's completely terrible. Don't put pineapple on pizza, and don't put oranges in chocolate. But you can mix nuts and chocolate afterwards.

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