Anne Cat. Harland is in big trouble with the TV 2 program about “Farmen kendis”

Anne Cat.  Harland is in big trouble with the TV 2 program about “Farmen kendis”

Anne Cat. Herland, 51, believes TV producers took advantage of her disability, and that TV 2 is now trying to save itself.


– Their story is not true, no matter how it is presented, Herland tells VG.

Spoiler: Article reveals Wednesday's content.

The veteran comedian signals her resignation in Wednesday's episode.

– I had no choice. But the fact that I am leaving should not be treated as a fact.DramaturgyDramaturgyDramatic devices are techniques and methods used to move a narrative forward. It can relate to how characters are portrayed, in what way conflicts are shown in the narrative, and whether the story contains one or more elements of surprise. ( TV 2 shouldn't be allowed to edit away from this. I want people to know the real reason, and that production alone is responsible.

Harland suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which causes cells in the retina to die slowly. You develop tunnel vision and can become completely blind.

A prerequisite for Herland's participation in “Farmen kjendis” was that she be given the necessary assistance and facilities. Here you think the production failed.

Wednesday's episode brings more drama:

Frustration and despair built up over several days.

-I didn't get help from production when I asked for it. And the little things I asked for help with don't show up on camera. That was good, because they were unimportant. But for me it was tiring and humiliating.

Among other things, Herland broke a glass while washing.

– I thought about both the people and the animals who walked there. When a crew member stopped by and I asked for help to see if I had captured everything, all I got was the answer “We can't interfere with production.”

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When Herland ran out of batteries for the flashlight she needed to go to the bathroom in the dark, it also took a long time to get new ones.

– There were a number of events that are difficult to understand. But I suffer from a hidden illness, and it is not permissible to exploit it as a drama in a television episode.

TV 2 apologizes

TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, told VG that TV 2 and production company Strix did their best to meet Hærland's needs.

– Anne Cat. However, she went through many experiences that were difficult for her due to her visual impairment. “We apologize for this,” says Dahl.

– We prepared a recording that was difficult for Ann Kat. To participate in it, we clearly failed to organize well enough. We are sorry that she chose to retire.

Press director: Jan Peter Dahl.

– This apology should have come much earlier, Herland says.

Dahl denies that Herland's diagnosis was exploited as a television stunt.

We had no intention of using her visual impairment dramatically.

Dahl points out that participants in the “farm” must cope as if it were 100 years ago.

– So there is a lot of production that does not help its participants. Getting new batteries for a flashlight or getting help looking for broken glass are not these situations, and are certainly things you should have gotten help with.

In the swing: Kato, Zal Pedersen and Anne Kat.  Herland on the farm.

In Tuesday's episode, Herland catches fire when someone removes a piece of meat she was working with. In despair, you blame others.

– It is dangerous to hide something from someone who cannot see it. But the production didn't really care, and that got me thinking.

Harland believes the crew hid the meat.

– I have no proof, but I think they put this on the participants to save themselves. The participants were helpful throughout, I don't doubt any of them.

When VG was directly asked if it was the production that hid the meat, TV 2 answered:

– No, it wasn't.

Herland still believes she saw a pattern of events, with the production allegedly only reacting to mockery.

Choking Crying : Anne Cat.  Herland in Tuesday's episode.

On Wednesday, everything comes to a head, before any activity. In fact, this happened on the same day as the meat episode, so Herland was already feeling the pressure.

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– In the dark I see nothing. Then it's a complete crisis, and that's what I said.

She must have been trying for three days to figure out what they were going to do.

– But I only heard that it means fire. On the day in question, I asked when we should start, and was told that they were still waiting for dark.

Then it overflowed. Herland panicked and said she needed to get away for a few hours.

– I didn't want to be photographed while I was helpless. Then I was told that if I left, I could forget to come back. I answered with a formula that involved using the middle finger, so to speak.

However, this outbreak is not in the loop.

Last day: Anne Cat.  Harland has decided to travel here.

Hærland shared a video on Wednesday night InstagramWhich explains how the diagnosis occurs (see it at the bottom of the article).

Both TV 2 and Strix admit that the dark session could have been handled differently.

– It can and should, and we take self-criticism on that, says the press director.

– The production team didn't fully understand how difficult it would be for Anne-Kat to be involved in recording after dark. We know it was important for her to be part of the whole experience, and we have a great understanding that this situation was exclusionary. We are sorry and we are learning.

Herland doesn't think anyone was intentionally mean or mean.

– They weren't I was informed. If you, as a producer, can't distinguish between the need for functional help and the narcissistic need for attention, then you've been in reality TV too long. I didn't react as I did to get attention.

Farm Wife: Anne Catt.  Herland with a dog

TV 2 denied that they and Strix were trying to save their skins and disclaimed all liability through cutting and editing.

– No, on the contrary, we want to paint a picture as accurate as possible, and make it clear to viewers that the criticism is from Anne Kat. Dahl says he is aiming for production and TV 2.

It is reported that the situation was summarized in Wednesday's episode, and not everything was filmed.

– But we are fully aware that Anne Cat. She chose to withdraw because she felt the arrangements were not good enough, and it was always our intention for this to be made clear.

TV 2 says that competitions and duels have been adapted so that Hærland can compete on equal terms with others.

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– In the past, we could not predict all situations that could become difficult due to poor eyesight.

Spectators to the first duel: behind the former Anne Cat.  Herland, Kato Zal Pedersen, Sander Diehl, Emily Nearing, and Bahari Viken.  Front line: Sondri Mulongo Nyström, Emma Ellingsen, Onne Askeland, Björg Thorhalsdottir and Daniel Frank.

Herland sent informational materials about the diagnosis to production before taping, but they never looked at it. They also call for a planned meeting before the start.

However, TV 2 says the production team looked into everything Herland sent in advance, and that they held several meetings before kickoff.

Herland stands her ground.

– The production saw him no In advance, because it was accepted to me then.

TV Veteran: Anne Catt.  Herland, here with the honorary award during Gullruten in 2022.

Herland had been waiting seven months for an apology from TV 2.

– They should have apologized in private.

-Both production and TV 2 have contacted Anne-Kat. After registration, but we now see that this was not enough. “We apologize for that,” says Dahl.

Farewell: Ann Cat cries.  Herland says goodbye to the others.

Herland hopes action will be taken to prevent future participants from experiencing the same thing.

– The worst that can happen is that they fail to bring in people with disabilities because they think they are being picky.

– We are learning from what happened, and we will certainly continue to include a wide range of participants, emphasizes Dahl.

OUTSIDE: Daniel Frank, here during his short stay at the farm.

Shortly after Herland, Daniel Frank, 49, also packed his bag.

-I felt like it lasted. It was a bit monotonous out there,” says the snowboarder.

He describes it as a great loss for Herland.

-Personally, I thought it was a major downturn. Perhaps this could have been avoided if everyone had crowded into the given situation. Criticism is for us as participants and for the production.

Herland was diagnosed in 1997, but appeared on television afterward. In 2015, she participated in an expedition with Berserk.

Secretary General: Per Inge Birknes at the Norwegian Federation of the Blind.

– Important vote

Secretary General of the Norwegian Federation of the Blind, Per Inge Birknes, believes it is difficult for Herland to participate.

– But Ann Cat. He is known to be a difficult man. At the same time, she had the courage to tell us how difficult it was to gradually lose her sight, and in her clear way raised public awareness. It's an important voice.

According to Bjerknes, there are almost no limits to what visually impaired people can achieve when faced with an inclusive environment.

For most people, retinitis pigmentosa is a fairly unforgiving diagnosis, he says.

For others, it may be difficult to understand that you can be reading the newspaper one moment, but passing by celebrities the next.

About 1,500 people in Norway have RP. This disease is among the most common causes of severe visual impairment in children and young people.

Herland's Instagram post explaining her diagnosis:


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