Emil Geld after the wedding with Lenny Myhry: – The best day of my life

Emil Geld after the wedding with Lenny Myhry: – The best day of my life
NEWLY MARRIED: Lenny Myhry and Emil Geld got married on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, influencers Linnéa Myhre and Emil Gukild gave each other a yes. Now the couple shares photos on Instagram.


The wedding took place at the Masonic Lodge in Trondheim, on Saturday afternoon. There, VGTV profile editor Linnéa Myhre wore a white wedding dress.

The couple arrived at the Britannia Hotel with shooting stars. The artist Sverre Breivik from Moss, Emil Geld’s hometown, sang at the wedding. Breivik is known under the stage name Mitsun.

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Lenny Myhry and Emil Geld are married

TRONDHEIM (VG) Influencers Linnéa Myhre (33) and Emil Gukild (31) got married in Trondheim on Saturday afternoon.

They’ve both been super secretive about the ceremony, after announcing their engagement on Instagram last May.

On Sunday afternoon, the bride posts photos from the star-studded event.

Linnea Myhre’s director, Vilde Darvik, reports to VG that the bride and groom are unavailable for comment, but they are off on their honeymoon.

“Married” she writes in the circle of pictures, followed by three crying emojis.

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Lenny Myhre and Emil Geld get married in Trondheim – celebrity guests gathered for a festive dinner

TRONDHEIM (VG): Friends and family gathered in Trondheim to celebrate the love between Linnéa Myhre (33) and Emil Gukild…

Yesterday’s groom, Emil Gukild, also expressed his happiness.

– the best day of my life, he writes on Instagram.

The former NRK profile in recent years has led many sports broadcasts on NRK. In June, Gukild announced that he was finished as a permanent employee of NRK.

The 31-year-old posted photos yesterday. First, the same letter posted by his wife Linnea, and then one from a corridor of what appears to be the wedding.

The last image in the carousel is that of the bride and groom alone in a large ballroom. There, they are looking earnestly into the camera, over the black and white marble tiles.

Siri Avlesen-Østli also took to her TV 2 profile a post with her husband Erik Løkken Østli from the weekend’s festivities.

Celebrating love, she wrote.

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