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Astrid S vs. French Montana continues.

Bad Christmas is approaching and not Easter… After all, we have a few nuts to break.

On Friday afternoon, we finally received a long-awaited comment from Astrid S.

On Tuesday of this week, we received French Montana’s first house on his new song “How You King?” matched with “Jump” by Astrid S from 2016.

You can hear both she has.

“Jump” is produced by the Norwegian company Erolph Thomas Eriksen; Brother of director and reality star David Eriksen. immediately contacted Astrid S camp via their music label Universal Music, but they didn’t want to comment on the similarity.

(Maybe they were just as confused as us.)

The next day, Astrid S shared a TikTok video where she French accuses Montana of stealing from her song.

In a few hours French Montana has started following Trøndelag on Instagram 🙂

But he has not commented publicly on the allegations.

Then several Norwegian media outlets threw themselves into the case, and Astrid’s video (and 730 article! <3) was diligently posted on Twitter and reddit.

Most people seem to support Astrid, but some fans on the internet are also wondering if it could all be a huge PR stunt from the artists.

The Astrid S team now confirms to that French Montana did not have permission to use the text from “Jump”.

– I can confirm this has not been cleared up beforehand, says Astrid manager Gilbert Lund to 730.

But: Now they are talking to his people.

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– He concludes that we are now in contact with the French team Montana to find out what happened and to conclude the right agreements.

Keep your fingers crossed that Astrid Smeplass and other songwriters take credit for the track + a generous Christmas bonus from French Montana.

If not, she will have to work hard, suggests fellow artist Aurora Aksnes, alias AURORA. Instagram:

French Montana better known as Karim Kharbouch, born in Rabat (the capital of Morocco), has good advice.

His single “Unforgettable”. Swae Lee ranked third on the Billboard Hot 100.

His younger brother Ayoub Kharbouch (born in 98) helps sell the house that the French have bought from Selena Gomez. It is estimated that he could get 5 million dollars for the house (which contains a music studio) which today is equivalent to 45 million crowns.

Maybe part of this goes to Astrid? Or that he gave her generous credit for the song – the income – like that Olivia Rodrigo did with Paramore this summer. or both.

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