Øyunn Krogh reveals details of first date with Levi Try

Øyunn Krogh reveals details of first date with Levi Try

Owen Krug (26) She became known to the Norwegian people when she participated in the TV 2 show “Sommerhytta” and won with her boyfriend Levi Try (24). Nowadays it is related to “Farmen kjendis”, and it has already arrived To participate in some drama.

Krogh is also a part of the new season of “Sofa”, where she and her boyfriend watch and comment on various TV shows and events.

Last week, the 26-year-old ‘celebrity farmer’ was a guest on Isleen Guttorsen (34) podcast by name «G Points». There she loosened the veil on how he became husband to her and Levi Tree.

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I contacted Instagram

It all started by trying to contact Instagram, asking directly if they could meet up for some beers the next day. In the podcast, Krug tells how apt it was to enter her life at the time.

I also liked that he was straight to the point, and so she didn’t hesitate to say yes to his invitation.

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To Dagbladet, Krogh explains:

– I’ve been on a few dates. In the end you realize what you are not looking for. He didn’t have any of that.

– One thing: if you’re on a date and the other person doesn’t ask any questions, just talk about themselves… For me it means a red flag. Levi was insanely good, and it all felt very mutual, and they both were very interested in getting to know each other, she continues.

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Krug also told Dagbladet that Try sent a nice follow-up message later, addressing among other things some of the things they talked about. He got a plus in the book for that.

Summer cottage: Owen Krug and Levi Tray won the Summerhita, but not without problems down the road. Video: TV 2
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Wrong window and door

Although Krogh now in hindsight has no doubt that it was a good first date, there was quite a bit of debris in the machine at the start.

She says sympathetically that she tried to get into the window, which he thought was a door.

Krog sat inside the bar and anxiously waited for the man she was going to meet, she was excited about what he looked like and what he was like.

– He began to pull a handle on what he thought was the door, but it was a window. Did not understand how to open. Then it turned out that the bar was so high, that it could almost look like it didn’t hit the bar. There he also had to show his identity, Krug told Dagbladet.

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Try to stress that a lot didn’t go according to plan when they first met.

– There were very great difficulties in the beginning, he says at the beginning when Dagbladet ran the string.

– It began with me deciding where we would meet, which was the National Theatre. Then I checked my mobile and then texted me that we should change places, he continues.

He then tried to realize that it was too late, and that he had to take the road to Greenland as soon as possible.

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– Then I came too late and got nervous, and I went straight to the window.

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There he saw a person who looked like the woman he had first met:

Then I grabbed what I thought was the doorknob. Obviously it wasn’t the doorknob, or then it was obvious, but not there then. She went and went – she must have looked crazy.

Eventually he realized he had made a mistake and realized where the door was.

– It couldn’t start much worse! Whoops try.

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He himself does not remember that he was asked to identify himself in the tavern, but admits that he was very nervous at the time and that this may be the reason for his failure to remember. At least try to trust your girlfriend’s version of history.

handsome and handsome

Fortunately, it was just a matter of a few startup issues. It wasn’t long before history turned for the better.

– Then he came towards me, after which he became prettier, kinder, taller and taller, says Krug with a dream in the podcast for Guttormsen.

From there, one beer turned into eight, and the duo sat for many hours talking. There were also several dates.

Together in a sofa: the couple is now fit in

Together in a sofa: the couple is now fit in a ‘sofa’ on TV 2. Photo: TV 2 / Espen Solli
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– But it took a few months before we decided to become friends, Krug explains to Dagbladet, adding that their first date was in 2018 and they met at the end of January 2019.

– We have a very good time together. We’re in our third year now, so we’ll see then – when we come to this four-year crisis, everyone is talking about it. But it bodes well, says Krug, laughing to Dagbladet.

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I send her messages every day

On the podcast, Krug also said that she almost felt in love again after coming home from an extended stay at Farmin’s Kguindis ranch.

Undoubtedly, the longing for the beloved became great during the recording of the reality show.

Also tried missed loved ones. He describes it as heavy that she stayed away for so long without having a chance to call or report to each other, but he had his own way of persevering.

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In addition to sending an SMS to the participant in charge of the program along the way, to hear if his girlfriend is OK, he also sent a message to her phone every day during the stay.

Krogh first saw these messages when she got home, and Try can confirm that it was something she really appreciated.

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