Aurora Aksnes’ new album in the UK Top 10 – VG

Aurora Aksnes' new album in the UK Top 10 - VG

It debuted at number eight, its highest rating on the UK’s official sales charts.


“The Gods We Can Touch” is the third studio album that Exness receives in Britain Official ChartsIt is among the top ten bestselling books.

Her debut album of 2016, “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” ranked 28th in the UK. The movie “A Different Kind Of Human” took the 32nd place in 2019.

It now appears that the 25-year-old has tightened his grip on the British public.

Highly promoted: Amazon is behind this Northern Lights Wall in Shoreditch, London.

Here at home, “The Gods We Can Touch” shines straight to the top VG . menuOfficial Norway targeting list.

This is the first time that Aksnes has topped the Norwegian album chart since her debut.

Thumbs up high

At the time of writing, the actress from Os is in the process of being promoted in France and is very pleased with the roster’s victory both at home and abroad:

– I’ve sat with two thumbs the whole trip to Paris airport. Weiwei, reports to VG via the Norwegian record company, Petroleum.

It’s really great that Aurora is getting her first 10 albums in England and taking it back to the top in Norway, says Petrol’s Managing Director, Kim Poulsen.

The album “The Gods We Can Touch” also got off to a good start in another big market: in Germany, the album appeared eleventh place.

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Eleventh place was also Aksnes’ spot for the UK’s highest-grossing single, Oasis’ cover song “Half The World Away” from 2015, which was part of an advertising campaign for Christmas.

In 2021, she destroyed charts worldwide with another song from 2015, “Harpoon”.

They gained momentum via TikTok and Instagram, and for several weeks were among the 20 most played songs on Spotify globally.

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