Frank Luke on Ricky Isaksen:

Frank Luke on Ricky Isaksen:

On Thursday, the stage was set for another heavy, challenging stage in the “71° North Team.”

This time, the famous duo will navigate through difficult terrain and try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible in Tistam.

The bike trip was taking a dramatic turn Frank Lock (42) and Ricky Isaksen (28).

– Hear her howl

When Dagbladet meets Løke at the premiere of “71 Degrees Nord” earlier this month, the 42-year-old can tell of an intimidating experience while riding a bike.

Isaksen, who gets tired during the stage, is helped by her teammate who pulls her partner down as he rides in front of her.

– I was about to kill Ricky there, says Locke, and he explained:

– I tell her “whatever happens, you have to trust me, I won’t slow down.”

But when Lock detects a flag, it acts automatically.

RAMP LINES: Hockey boys, Martin Eleven and Anders Myhrvold, let the rival “71°N” pass. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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Then I suddenly rejoiced and heard her howl. I kind of skip the blackboard and run towards the post office, and then I don’t think about it at all. “Damn it, mail!” , right.

Upon learning, Løke takes a multiple choice test.

– And when I did, I’m thinking “Where’s Ricky?” , and then I don’t see it, the 42-year-old explains and continues.

– I went upstairs, and then I heard “Oh!” And there she lies screaming stones out of the way. Then I think: “Now it’s time to smoke.”

Isaksen is examined by a doctor, and she emerges from the accident unharmed.

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– But there were a few times I was afraid of her. I made some choices that put me at risk, Locke admits.

Gets shadow spots

In front of Dagbladet, Isaksen explains his version of the incident.

– Frank told me: “In cycling, one should lie down first, then the other directly behind, about a centimeter from the wheel.” Then I said, “Frank, that’s not fair, is it?” Then he said, “Yeah, you just have to trust that I will never stop, never brake.”

– Then I thought “Okay, then I trust you, let’s go.” Then the guy sees a flag, they both hit the brakes. Then I’ll hit a rock in the face.

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Isaksen fell right on top of the bike into a ditch.

– You can’t say “Trust me, I’m not going to hit the brakes” and then apply the brakes. Guys get black points when they see flags in a competition, says the 28-year-old, laughing.

– It actually went well, a bit stiff in the back and bruised, but it went well.

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