Fraud and Computer Crime | Telenor warns: – Don't do it!

Fraud and Computer Crime |  Telenor warns: – Don't do it!

Have you had a missed call, but it turns out the person didn't call you? Nearly half of call fraud occurs this way, according to Telenor.

“Spoofing” is a fraudulent method where a fraudster hides behind a fake number, or a number that belongs to someone else. You don't see the person calling whose phone number.

If your mobile number is supposed to be “spoofed”, you may find that strangers are calling you. They like to ask why you called them, even if you didn't.

– In the first quarter, Norway's Telenor blocked 11.1 million fraud attempts, Julie Hoare, CIO at Telenor, told Nettavisen.

According to Hare, nearly half of phone call fraud attempts are spoofing.

Fake numbers

You'll often see Norwegian phone numbers on your screen, but the scammers are usually based abroad. They use online tools or software to change the number and country code.

– Many people find this very annoying, but it does not mean that your number has been hacked or stolen, says Herry.

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Typically you will be presented with a “problem” and they will solve it for you, requesting personal information for this purpose. The information you provide could later be misused.

“They can say, for example, that they have detected an ongoing fraud attempt on your bank account, and that they should have the bank ID so they can stop it,” says Hæhre.

-Never share information

– Regardless of what is claimed in the inquiry, you must never provide personal information or card details. Also don't download anything on demand or give strangers access to your computer or the like, says Hehr.

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She also recommends contacting your phone and Internet provider if you receive many of these calls.

– At Telenor, we have the opportunity to block unwanted international calls, before forwarding them to phones in our network, Hæhre continues.

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Julie Horry encourages everyone to be skeptical if asked to share information.

She adds: The methods used by criminals are constantly evolving, and it is important to be vigilant.

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