Frida Mannum went from an award-winning season at Arsenal to a major World Championship slump: – Trying to forget as quickly as possible

Frida Mannum went from an award-winning season at Arsenal to a major World Championship slump: – Trying to forget as quickly as possible

LONDON (VG) Frida Mannum (24) looks hot in an Arsenal shirt ahead of one of the highlights of the season.


She created chaos, and received accolades and honors for her accomplishments. But just over a month into the season, it was hard to accept.

– No… The World Cup was difficult, says Mannum, taking a short break to think.

– Heavy on myself, heavy on the team. Looking at what happened around us, especially what we presented on the field. It was disappointing, of course, with many players who were at a high level. “Of course, I had expectations to contribute more,” the 24-year-old tells VG.

The World Cup in New Zealand last summer was a stark contrast to what the attacking midfielder experiences in club life. It is not entirely unnatural to ask how life in the two regions could have become so different in such a short time.

The bathroom was an easy ride: for Frida Mannum and the rest of the Norwegian women's national team.  Here during the group stage match against Switzerland.

For Sunday, Mannum, Arsenal welcome Marin Melde and Chelsea in the first match of the Women’s Super League.

The Emirates Stadium – usually the men’s living room – was packed to capacity. 55,000 tickets were sold.

– It will be a completely wild and completely surreal experience. The rivalry between the two teams is something very special and you know that you have to be at your best to win.

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For Manums, the match will be the culmination of more than a year of strong performances for Arsenal. She has scored numerous goals, was named in the England Team of the Year and was recently awarded a generous supporter’s award.

Thus it seemed that the water cycle in New Zealand was exactly the opposite.

Mannum played three games since the start, but was left on the bench from the start in the round of 16 as Norway were eliminated. She continues that it was difficult not knowing what she was good at.

– I think everyone understands that the toilet is something that we try to forget as quickly as possible. But we also have to learn from the mistakes we make. The most disappointing thing for me personally is having a good season. She thinks it should continue as usual. It didn’t happen. “So all I was left with was an aftertaste,” she says.

13 points and a goal in 20 league matches was the tally for Arsenal in the 2022/2023 season. She is now back to scoring form for the club team. In the last two league rounds, Maanoum scored two goals in two matches. The team is in second place. Only three points behind Chelsea.

Mannum says there were difficult times at Arsenal too. Among other things, a period of more than four months until the summer of 2022.

I sat on the bench a lot. It was just a simple thing. She thought a lot, but good conversations with people close to her became important.

Ready for the first match: Frida Mannum and the rest of the Arsenal players celebrate scoring goals earlier this season.  Chelsea is expected to face a strong match on Sunday.

I have taken some steps in terms of training, and tried to develop the qualities you need in an advanced midfield role, popularly called a ‘level role’. Or the position directly behind the striker on a soccer team.

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Then, somewhat out of nowhere, she was given a chance against Lyon in the Champions League in the fall of 2022. There she scored and provided an assist in a shock 5-1 win for Arsenal. And she hasn’t looked back since.

– I would say it was the result of a lot of detail training. Find opportunities to practice without completely stressing yourself out. I put in a lot of effort during that period. I got help from a sports psychologist on the mental aspect of how to fight better. I would say a lot of the 2022/2023 season was a result of that.

Note: The match between Arsenal and Chelsea starts at 1.30pm on Sunday and can be watched on Viaplay.


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