Cross-country skiing in New Mexico 2024, Peter Northug

Cross-country skiing in New Mexico 2024, Peter Northug

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I have to admit I got a shiver down my spine from what the 38-year-old showed in Lillehammer.

This was Peter Northug as he was in his prime – albeit in slightly slow motion.

I only saw his training and racing involvement as a result of a 40-year crisis. And as a longing for the “good old days.”

But the desire to win he showed to give his little brother even the best possible starting point only confirmed that Northug is something very, very special.

Ernest A. Liersvin

I have worked as a journalist/reporter all my life. I started in local newspapers, then ten years at NRK, then 28 years at TV 2. I have been working in skiing in recent years; Especially cross country skiing.


I should really sit back and enjoy the fact that I got to experience the repetition of desire. But the morning after the shock, I felt angry.

This performance was far beyond what should actually be possible, especially under the conditions that prevailed in Lillehammer. When the problem is solved, Peter Northug, who says he weighs five kilograms too much, becomes Bambi on ice.

But, upset?

Yes, and I've been upset for a long time. Since Northug resigned.

This must be the damned Gantello. No wonder Northug himself uses @jantelov1 as his name on social media.

Because why doesn't anyone ask Northog for advice?

It's a completely unique competition boss. He is a winner, has throughout his long career a completely unique knowledge of cross-country skiing, and is a good communicator.

However, Little Brother Evin and Johannes Hosflot Klaebo are the only ones who systematically use Northug as a knowledge base.

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Something very special

Imagine that here is a living artificial intelligence – it is not being used!

Peter Northug with the race number on his chest is something very special.

It's actually worth saving!

I cannot understand how the Norwegian Ski Association can avoid hiring Peter Northug.

As a coach? No, as an inspiration.

For athletes on all ski federation teams. And of course coaches, managers and support staff. The Norwegian Ski Association may also have had an occasional sponsor who would have appreciated being inspired by Northug.

This has paid off both athletically and financially.


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