Full fire at Bodo/Glimt annual meeting – Investor feels intimidated

Full fire at Bodo/Glimt annual meeting – Investor feels intimidated
Big club: Bodø/Glimt’s big play in Norway and Europe in recent seasons means they are one of the biggest football clubs in Norway in 2023.

The proposal to get rid of Glimt’s investors raised heat at the Bodo/Glimt annual meeting.


There’s a limit to how much human shit we find ourselves in, Glimt investor Ben Edison told the club’s annual meeting. He added that he would now resign from the board of directors of Nordlandsglimt AS.

Nordlandsglimt has a financial interest in all transfer cases relating to the club’s A team.

Edsen feels intimidated by Rødt politician Andreas Thieme, who put forward a motion to stop Nordlandsglimt. The motion was voted on at the annual meeting on Monday night, where there was a high temperature during the discussion.

Tricky: Ben Edison, pictured here in 2020, feels bullied by politician Rødt Andreas Tymi.

Billionaire Tord Kolstad recently resigned from Nordlandsglimt’s board of directors – and so did Eidissen.

– When he resigned from the board of directors, I think he was partly bullied. He is partially bullied, with questions being asked about suspicion. I’ve come to the conclusion that when he pulls out, I do the same. There’s a limit to how much human shit we find ourselves in, Edison said from the stand, frankly.

– Then we take and keep the focus on the proposal itself, the chairman interrupts before the investor sits down.

After the meeting, VG asks Benn Eidissen if he can elaborate on his speech from the annual meeting.

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He says he feels intimidated by the representative of the Rørd city council, Andreas Thieme.

What I didn’t get a chance to ask him about was what he did for the club? I know the answer, because it’s absolutely nothing, Edsen says and continues:

– The club used to get the podium. He abuses the tribune at two successive annual meetings for things that have nothing to do with his political views and nothing to do with what is best for the club.

– Why do you feel bullied by Tymi?

– If you don’t understand, I think we’ll stop now. It’s okay, good luck with the coverage, Edison says before abruptly ending the phone call with VG.

He later returns to VG with the following SMS:

– To Rødts Tymi – who disgraces the club, the annual meeting and its platform to drive politics – I want to say: I know the club greatly appreciates my many years of commitment to the club – unlike Tymi, who has never done anything for the club! But Tymi is bullying and makes both Tord Kolstad and me suspicious.

RED: Andreas Tymi says he’s been part of Bodø/Glimt most of his life. put forward a proposal to liquidate Nordlandsglimt AS.

“It’s kind of hurtful and somewhat disappointing,” says Tymi of investor Eidissen’s claims.

– Why do you think he says what he says?

– He probably feels that he is not appreciated by the club, and of course I would say that you appreciate that. There is no one who does not appreciate what they have done for the club, but he must have felt very easily upset and intimidated.

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VG made Eidissen’s claim that the politician Rødt had not done anything for the club in recent years.

– I went to a bunch of outdoor games, all the home games, yelling, singing and cheering. I feel I have done a lot as a supporter and at Glimt I firmly believe I have contributed to revitalizing member democracy and getting more active members.

The council did not support the proposal put forward by politician Rødt Andreas Tymi.

“NordlandsGlimt AS was incorporated in February 2011. The company was then founded as part of a ‘rescue procedure’ from the community and business to save FK Bodø / Glimt from bankruptcy,” says the board of directors and claims there was never a question of earnings from the company.

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From the podium, Andreas Tymi argued why he thinks Nordlandsglimt should be stopped.

– In practical terms, the liquidation will mean that all player logistics, both financial and financial operations, will be fully integrated into the Bodø / Glimt football club. This will lead to more transparency, insight, overview, and control from each of the members, store administrators, employees, the public, and the media. As said by the football club’s board of directors at the expense of the board and owners of Nordlandsglimt.

– If it is more important to promote communication with the 28 capitalists of the Nordlandsgelmit and other capitalists in Bodø, rather than with members, supporters and the public, then yes, then the position of the council can be supported.

VG has also been in contact with billionaire Tord Kolstad, who has moved to Switzerland and no longer has any financial interests in Nordlandsglimt.

“I don’t feel intimidated by Nordlandsglimt,” Kolstad tells VG — something Benn Eidissen claimed he did during his speech at the annual meeting.


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