Gap Terje in Sweden: – New information:

Gap Terje in Sweden: - New information:

It’s been more than two months since Terje Johansen (61) left his home in Horten with the goal of driving to northern Norway via Sweden. The destination was Arnøy in Tromsø, where it was agreed to buy a vacation home.

But Johansen never showed up. Instead, his car was found abandoned in Moscow outside Stockholm – far from the normal route choice for the journey.

The gray truck of the Isuzu brand appeared in early December on a cliff on the island by the Baltic Sea under strange conditions. The driver’s door was open. Behind the car was a fresh wood field and one of the signs had been removed. Inside the car, personal belongings and valuables were abandoned.

Now, the police have received new information that could shed light on the mystery of the disappearance.

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– It is still strange that he was in Muskö, but we have now received information from people who had contact with Terje before he left Norway. Someone says that Terry mentioned Moscow, that he was going there to hunt. We also know that at the time prior to his disappearance he wanted to buy a dog. We don’t yet know if he was likely to have brought him to the island, chief investigator Ulf Sundstrom tells Dagbladet.

However, he is not convinced that information about a possible fishing trip will bring the police closer to a solution. No fishing gear or the like was found in the abandoned car.

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disappear: Norwegian Terje Johansen, 61, disappeared without a trace in Sweden at the beginning of December. The mystery remains unsolved. Video: Viaplay Wanted Sweden
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– I also don’t want to say it’s an obvious place to go fishing. The Baltic is largely overfished, and compared to northern Norway where it’s been going, the fishing is pretty poor, says Sundstrom.

However, the police concluded that Johansen had a mission on the island. As previously mentioned by Dagbladet, he was noticed by a guard at one of the entrances to the naval facility in Muskö. According to the guard, Terry made a mistake and ended up at the barrier. There he was said to have made it clear that he was going to the Canadian region north of the island.

Searches for new dogs

– It is clear that he had a mission there, the question is what happened and not the least. There may be an accident, but it could also be a murder. For example, he may have met a person with whom a dispute arose. Sundstrom says the case is still classified as a murder with an unknown perpetrator with us.

The head of the investigation says new searches for the missing Norwegian dogs are now being planned. These will likely be completed within the next month.

– Hopefully we can find it or at least find technical clues that can help us further in this case, Sundström tells Dagbladet.

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