– Get international fame – VG

- Get international fame - VG
Into the adventure: Bodo/Glimt advances in the Champions League qualifiers on Wednesday. The photo was taken when Bodo/Glimt beat Roma 2-1 in Aspmera earlier this year.

Norway’s big club matches in Europe are not only important to the clubs themselves, but with this format, Norway is well on its way to an extra place in the Champions League.


This season and next season (2023/24), Norway has four clubs in the European Cup Qualifying Rounds, but:

With Norwegian clubs performing this week, Norway has positioned itself well for the 2024/25 season to be two The Norwegian teams are in the Champions League qualifiers, not just one team.

It also means that Norway can get five clubs instead of four in the major European leagues.

Norway received a very large amount of positive attention yesterday. We were the only country to win all four countries and the country with the most points this week. observed internationally. It’s a very good thing for Norwegian football, says football commentator Jørn Sondby, who is well on the field.

The points that Sundby refers to are taken from the UEFA coefficient:

Prior to the season, Norway was 17th, but has now moved up to 13th in that ranking. Fifteenth place gives five places in the European Cups (two places in the Champions League, one place in the European League and two places in the Conference League).

Thirteenth place: Norway in good standing. Read more about the point system and what Norway’s position means in the following factbox.

This season, Norway has one place in the Champions League (Bodø / Glimt) and three places in the Conference League (Lillestrøm, Molde and Viking).

Bodo/Glimt can reach the group stage of the Champions League this season, but he has already secured a place in the group stage of the Conference League.

– I think if we get another team into the group stage, we’ll have a very good chance of qualifying for the top 15. Then they have to do a really bad job in the group stage so we can’t qualify, says Sundby.

Vikings toppled big club Sparta Praha in dramatic fashion on Thursday:

Not only is the 15th place profitable for the Norwegian clubs. Twelfth place gives one place in the Champions League qualifiers and one place in the second qualifying round. Sundby believes that 12th place could also go with only two Norwegian teams in the group stage.

– This can easily be done with two teams, but it depends on how they perform. It also depends a lot on the performance of Switzerland, they are clearly a good competitor with good teams in Basel and Young Boys.

Norwegian results in the European qualifiers are satisfactory for Leif Øverland – CEO of Norwegian Top Soccer (NTF).

– It’s incredibly motivating. The top 14 in our strategic plan. Europe is very important, Overland tells VG.

What is the significance of Goal 14?

– In my opinion, this is very important. If you are going to join professional football, Europe is associated with getting bigger salaries for younger players when they come out in the bigger leagues. In general, most of the clubs headed towards Denmark with the results achieved by Copenhagen FC. Now you look at Norway, and then the clubs get better salaries for young players.

– Makes talk more positive about Norwegian football. The Premier League is incredibly strong in Norway, but people see players leaving the elite because they have become too good for the league and then see that they are not finished on the bench, but are successful, Overland continues.

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